Friday, June 3, 2016

Confusing Economic Data

Being interested in making money and getting my life roaring into gear, working on video games and investing on the stock market, I have been watching basically, economic news and data on Youtube and some financial websites.

The understanding I have is that the "government" is trying to prop up this idea that there's great economic prosperity abounding, while these other guys are trying to point out that a crash is imminent and there could be a financial crisis dubbed "SHTF".

I guess it all depends on how you massage the data, because on one hand they say unemployment is really low right now --- while these other guys are saying there are a huge "tonne" of people who aren't working.

Here's what I wonder::: If unemployment is so low, if there are so many people who are working with jobs: then why I do I find it so hard to sell very cheap products?

OK --- yesterday I did sell a video game, but it wasn't to a US American.

Anyway --- if the economy is doing so good, and if the jobless rate is so low, then why does it seem so hard for me to sell my goods --- when thousands of people will steal and download freebies, but won't spend the smallest amount of money?

Some news says that sales are stagnating and production is slipping in other industries ---- and yet the stock market is proclaimed to be at new highs and the fabled 'plunge protection team' won't let the thing drop.

OH --- and in case you are wondering about my current stock position:: most of my portfolio is betting on an eventual drop or crash. My plans are being foiled in the name of "economic recovery" heh.

So, yeah, I'm almost just parroting what they've been saying in some other media: but this is my own analysis where "if the jobless rate is so low, then why can't people pay me for my stuff?" --- maybe a bit of a commentary on past posts on this blog.

I can only speculate, I suppose.

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