Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Misunderstanding

I was just having some thoughts, probably repetitiously:::

The LDS church is/was absolutely against masturbation. To be a good Mormon, you must absolutely never masturbate.

So, if the LDS church didn't want me to masturbate, then obviously I was supposed to go seek out a female - wasn't I?

Apparently not --- No masturbation, and they won't even let you be friends with the ladies either, in or out of the church.

So: what's a guy to do?

The LDS church will tell young men that it's absolutely essential and even totally necessary to completely avoid sex of any kind (including masturbation) until marriage, and if no marriage then no sex ever, unless it's a "nocturnal emission".

I know this is a blatant lie. It is absolutely impossible in my experience to avoid sex between 14 and into the early-mid-late 20's. Personally, I just masturbated a tonne --- but it was all I could do, and I knew that I absolutely had to do it.

Anyway ---- this whole church process of shaming young men about masturbational tendencies and then not even letting them be friends with the ladies, is, in the words of myself and my father: Bullying and abuse.

My Dad even let me know that I wasn't the only boy at church who was getting bullied by the powers that be. I don't have any more details on that though.

Actually, I remember two boys from my group who did go serve LDS missions: but from my own relationship with one on facebook, he is somehow involved in some way with the gay community now and the other boy is also rumored to have some involvement with the gay community now too.

So::: the church's plan to keep us away from the ladies has back fired! Aha! Bastards.

So, I suppose in the end the church was never really true, no matter how many of them got up, stood in front of everyone and declared their imaginary knowledge of the church's truth.

Anyway. It's been a while since I've examined mormonism in depth, to the point of totally disproving it --- I was just having memories of how they treated us --- the only answer was 'no sex at all', yet our bodies wouldn't operate that way.

And it's kind of sad for me ---- because me, and the other men of my family, have come to realize that the LDS church is a completely unnecessary waste of time we really don't want to be involved with - the church was disproved essentially,

but the women of our family haven't figured that out yet.

For a while I was really frustrated that some members of my family haven't figured it out yet, but then I realized that it is, believe it or not, just the way the female mind works.

It was reported at one time in past years by an LDS church official that men were dumping the church at faster rates than women were, so yeah, the inability to dump the church is just a female thing altogether apparently, not just the logical fallacy of my family's brains.

And yes, I have to say ----- after all the poor treatment I've received from women throughout my life, and now the way my mom and sisters can't seem to figure out how wrong the church is, well, that's pretty much the reason(s) why I don't care to get married, besides being too poor etc.

It seems so sexist for me to say that ---- but no, experience does tell me that women can be freakin' crazy, and then official church statistics and my own family experience show that women actually slower on the uptake of the knowledge and information on certain issues. So there.

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