Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Work which is probably totally better than my own

So, this evening I've been watching a 2.5  hour Youtube video recently released which discusses a whole bunch of stuff about the Mormon church.

In this video, they make reference to and a letter written entitled "Letter to a CES Director". The Letter is free to download, and is under a Creative Commons license.

What I find funny, however, is in the license the letter seems to take a jab at my own work, "Letters to Whomever" -- which is copyrighted and which I tried to sell for a very small fee.

OK, I'm just going to say that though I haven't read this CES Letter yet, I will already admit that it's probably tonnes better than my own book.

And maybe I'm not heroic enough by trying to make some money from my work.

There's the catholic culture that says if you meet Mother Mary, or by extension Jesus Himself likely, that it is wrong or immoral to try to make money from it.

Growing up a Mormon, I did not know about that, until I finally read a National Geographic article that told me so.

I grew up poor, so there is some drive in me to not be so poor all the time anymore --- you have to understand that ----

but, regardless, I've never really made much money from my work anyway. I've actually spent thousands and thousands to publish and advertise, and made very little in return.

Anyway ----- it's funny to me ----- after writing Letters to Whomever, years later I found the LDS Knockoff from apologists called "Letters to a Young Mormon", which I bought for several dollars as an ebook and read about half of ----

and now there's the flipside of that coin which is the anti-mormon stuff which is also using a title that's like a "knockoff" type title of my book.

I have to say, Letters to Whomever was just my own generally uneducated perspective on my own issues and what I understood for myself at that time. Further research has revealed that there is so much more information to know, and it's available for a lot freer than I offer it for.

Should I release my books for free, or creative commons, or lessen copyright restrictions?

That does sound like a good idea --- EXCEPT that if people could talk about and spread the contents of my book around, there are individual pieces of it that might spread and cause erroneous thought, thought which would be dealt with by actually reading the whole book altogether, so the thought on the subject would no longer be erroneous. Allowing pieces of The Book of Finch to be republished is dangerous I think. It's probably best altogether as one whole.

Oh ----- and for anyone who thinks my claims are in any way untrue or exaggerated ---- I would generally consider you wrong, and that I am actually quite truthful in everything I say. OK, at various points in my life it has been very hard to tell the full actual truth, but I'm generally very honest.

I really do believe I have seen Jesus Christ. If it wasn't actually Jesus, then it just LOOKED like Jesus. I'm serious.

So, The Book of Finch needs to be told, Letters to Whomever is OK but not nearly as awesome or extensive as other works, and maybe I'm a bad person for trying to make some money.

Just know:::: I spent thousands of dollars on my projects, and was in deep deep credit card debt for years because of it ------ I didn't fully know exactly how to properly publish my book at the time, and maybe I did it the wrong way, but please don't think badly of me for trying to recoup my investment.

I only paid off my debt because of the disability benefit I receive, and my wise investment practises. The books and video games themselves are practically useless at making money.

Anyway ---- it's just funny that looking in the license notes of this new book ( that it takes quite a jab at my own work. Maybe the author of this newer book was just trying to distance his writing from seeming to appear to be similar to what I wrote. That's probably all it is. But I do recognize that his book is probably far more extensive than my own. Maybe I should just take this "jab" as a bit of an honour to my character, it's all good fun, kinda. Hah. I can feel my heart feel weird as I say that, so I don't know what to make of all this just with the feeling I'm getting in my chest about it.

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