Monday, May 16, 2016

The Book of Finch Exclusively on Kindle

I decided to unpublish all my books from No more Smashwords books.

Only kindle and lulu (and authorhouse, I guess) now.

If you want to read my ebook, you HAVE to go to kindle at amazon.

The Book of Finch has been enrolled in KDP Select, meaning Kindle Unlimited readers will be able to read the book at no cost beyond their Kindle Unlimited subscription.

There are a few places you can find online that say you can have access to The Book of Finch, but I'm pretty sure these sites are pretty much pirates, especially as doing a look up if the site is legit returns that the site is NOT LEGIT.

So, Amazon Kindle is the only legitimate place to read my ebooks now. The other guys are probably pirates and maybe scammers.

Any of the Legitimate booksellers that I found who have my books listed, well, the books are no longer available from those sites, even if the books are listed - as far as I know.

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