Monday, May 9, 2016

The 666th Post on this Blog

So, I'm going to celebrate the 666th post on this blog by giving my little discussion I've been thinking about on how Mormonism was supposed to be a good thing, but turned into a mindless, moronic mess.

A few weeks ago, my Mom was explaining to me and my brother how (I think this is right) a current member of the local Stake Presidency was a geologist, and he knew the Church is true, yet he also knew at the same time that the earth is actually millions of years old, and not 5 or 6000 years like certain religious people believed.

She said this member of the Stake Presidency had one time been accused by a congregation of the church of being an apostate because he believed the world is millions of years old and not just 6000.

The point I'm trying to make is this:::: there's what Mormonism actually is, and what it's trying to be, versus what it turns into at the hands of mindless morons and bigots.

For example, with President Hinckley's teaching that even people who have been excommunicated are welcome to come back and attend church services, I got the impression that the church is very welcoming and kindly, that they aren't holding too much in the way of grudges and they are loving, essentially, because even if you aren't a member, you can still come back --- the church seems very benevolent from what I learned from the past mormon prophet,

But contrast that with my past Bishop with how Avril Lavigne was damned just for being a rock star and she and I are most definitely not allowed to be friends.

There's one version of Mormonism with David Archuleta and Lindsey Stirling and prophets welcoming even the excommunications into the church,

and there's the version of Mormonism presented by my bishop where Avril Lavigne is going to hell because she's a popular musician and she most definitely can NOT be friends with me or LDS people, and that the truth she presented about what actually happened in my life was not acceptable to be published.

Avril Lavigne told the truth, and was rejected.

Anyway ----- there's obviously more than one version of Mormonism here --- there's a version that says Popular Culture is so cool and we love it and and everyone is loved, and a version that's very petty.

You see, when Joseph Smith taught "You are required to forgive all men lest ye be guilty of the greater sin and are condemned before the Lord" (paraphrased) --- this statement is actually a GOOD statement in so many ways, to tell the truth, believe it or not.

When Joseph Smith taught that Murder was unforgivable, this does kind of makes sense --- it is such a heinous crime to commit murder that such a person MUST be condemned ----- this also makes sense.

The problem I have with Mormonism is when they condemn all kinds of petty things like drinking caffeine and playing with poker cards and then they tell you that murderers HAVE to be forgiven.

I mean, seriously --- there's what mormonism actually taught, which is that all kinds of things have to be forgiven, and that Murderers face a most definite condemnation,

but what Mormonism actually did in my life was they condemned and criticized all kinds of small meaningless things, and then told me that the requirement to forgive extended to Murderers.

This church has absolutely lost it's mind.  There were good things that it taught, that Joseph Smith taught --- and then it gets absolutely distorted and corrupted as the years go on and as you deal with local authorities who can't be bothered to actually study the things they should know, or even local authorities who deliberately choose the wrong.

There are different versions of Mormonism. There's a version that can be taught that actually makes sense, but as the church grows there are more and more lunatics in the ward and the church becomes unbearable to live with.

I do actually think that Joseph Smith was trying to do something good ----- but with the Mormonism I was actually presented with at a local level in modern life, it was completely unbelievable, and was quite frankly a complete load of garbage that didn't make any sense and didn't even come close to resembling what Jesus or Joseph Smith actually taught.

Joseph Smith did actually have some good ideas ----- but the church I lived in didn't exactly follow the good ideals, and was extremely corrupted, I would say. I tried to believe in Mormonism, but the Mormon church I was following wasn't even authentically doing as Mormonism was supposed to ---- it was a complete corruption.

It's like the shock the church must be going through as they had constantly tortured and punished yougn men over a completely normal and healthy activity called "masturbation" and then finding out that Joseph Smith had so many wives -----

Why is Joseph Smith allowed to marry other men's wives and have 40 ladies (like he's a PlayBoy, and would have been a porn addict necessarily) while all these young men in his church are tortured over having normal male hormonal issues?

There IS something wrong with the church --- it isn't exactly what Joseph Smith originally envisioned. Instead of letting young men satiate their sexual appetites a healthy way, the church always has to find a way to torment it, it seems.

Of course, there are the parts of church history that don't point to the church being exactly really true true, but even if the church isn't entirely true right from the get go ---- I think it was trying to achieve something good rather than being a completely messed up corruption that it has become.

Living my life these days, I realize that I miss the good social life, the good activities and fun one could have as a Mormon. The Mormon church was full of good things and I do think it was supposed to be a good organization with good intentions, even if it wasn't fully "true" ----- but what it turned into was a nightmare.


I would just like to note how happy I am that I was able to write this whole post on Ubuntu 16.10, and the computer didn't even crash once. There were times of lagginess as I wrote this post, as it it were about to crash, but it always pulled through just fine. So glad.

Ubuntu 15.10 crashed constantly on Blogger. 16.04 appears to have fixed that as I've seemingly found thus far. Yippee.

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