Friday, May 6, 2016

New Personal Best in Telepathy Zero

Today, as I sat in our vehicle waiting for my parents, I scored an 8 streak while playing Telepathy Zero (Telepathy 0) on my iphone.

Now I'm ranked 28th on iOS in the world for Telepathy. My previous personal best was a 7 streak.


Making this blog post was barely on my mind today --- it's been a while since I last posted and I really don't feel like discussing much. But --- becoming ranked 28th in the world is news for me, so I'm reporting it.

Oh --- and yes, I got this 8 streak started within the first 10 attempts I made upon turning on Telepathy 0, so it's not like I was sitting there for hours, it was just a little time.

What was my secret? I actually asked GOD for help --- I found that after asking God for help, I could lean my head back, close my eyes, and I would hear an answer in my mind. And the answer was correct 8 times in a row. Yay.

So ---- though the atheists on youtube give very good and well done arguments for their lack of belief in any deity ---- I, personally, do recognize how they dislike religion as history has known it ---- but I can never really be an atheist personally because I've experienced too many miracles (such as today's) after asking invisible man in the sky I call God for the said miracle.

So --- having asked God for help, and having received it such as is exampled today, I can never really be an atheist, regardless of how good the atheist arguments are.

God is just too real for me.

And I'm highly ranked in a game --- yippee.

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