Monday, May 23, 2016

It's good to be alive

One of my uncles once referred to The Book of Finch as "heavy". That's probably the politest way he could put it. From that story, I think I risk ridicule, and maybe my life --- and with some of the subject matter in that book it's not hard to imagine that someone would take a disliking to something and get me banned from a favourite place - such as the Avril Lavigne fanclub.

I mean, I was grown up to be obsessive and in love with Mormonism, and the females of my family still haven't figured out the truth about that church ---- but being conditioned to love that church and then finding out the actual truths about what they believe, you may have some legal entanglements.

So --- I've given up on the church, and you need not worry about me causing trouble in their name anymore. I know what I know, but that's no reason to ban me from anything --- although people who are still Mormon might take issue with me.

Anyway --- for so long I was so depressed, so suicidal. I've discovered that every single member of my immediate family excluding nieces nephews and in-laws are mentally ill. If you grew up in my house hold ---- you are automatically cursed with a mental illness of some kind.

There are probably reasons for how that happened, and it is very unfortunate, but I am HAPPY TO SAY:::

THAT I AM RECOVERING!!!! I am working on projects again, like I used to, the old workaholic I used to be again, I'm happy, I'm enjoying video games like I used to. I mean, for me to be me --- I have to be playing video games, there's no getting around that. I've loved video games since I was capable of playing them, and I am now able to sit down and play them again, and enjoy them ---- that that is a very good and positive sign.

For so long I would just mope about and pity party about how horrible various aspects of my life have been ---- but now I don't even feel capable of having any more pity parties, I'm no longer confined to laying around and bemoaning everything ------ I'm having a good time, even by myself with few friends.

Basically, this blog post has two points:::

I hope I don't get in trouble for being involved in a church that gave me viewpoints that would or even should be immediately condemned,

and for so long I was so out of it ---- but I am getting back into it and I am really, really having a good time, as far as good times and myself are concerned. It's wonderful.

What a wonderful life.

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