Sunday, May 1, 2016

Exciting Green Energy in Community

My Dad, Brother and I were driving through out community today when we noticed a new array of solar panels atop the local elementary school.

Solar power produced in my community? It makes me feel so good inside to do that. Makes me happy I voted NDP.

On the topic of the Leap Manifesto:

I can sort of understand why total green energy without fossil fuels might be a socialist priority, sort of, but I suppose I'm not that far left --- I do believe in the free market choice between fossil fuels and green energy. Although, I suppose I might have to imagine what the world would be like with only green energy some time. :) I wonder how that would affect our economy.


Last night I watched most of a video where someone showed off and discussed a disciplinary council that happened in the LDS church.

This inspired me to make my own Youtube video about how you always face punishment no matter what, essentially, if you are a Mormon.

If you don't read your scriptures - you will be punished.

If you do read your scriptures - if you understand what they're saying and you are an honest and good person, you will eventually be punished.

The church criticizes countless small and meaningless things,

and drugs you if you actually attain anything like the Godhood they aspire to.

Green tea is found to be very very good for you as science has discovered,

but the church says tea (including green tea) is against their health code.

Even if you are forgiven, you will still go to prison anyway.

Anyway ---- Just seeing that video about a disciplinary council in the LDS church last night inspired me to make my own video about how you can't avoid punishment no matter what you do in that church --------- even if I didn't get into as much detail about that as I just did right here in this post.


So, seeing the solar panel from the green energy initiative Alberta makes me feel good. That solar panel sitting out-of-the-way on a school roof will reduce our coal usage at least a bit I'm sure. :)

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