Saturday, May 14, 2016

Business "booming" without money

Today, kindle reported three downloads of The Book of Finch, putting my title at #11 on the Free Mormon books list on

Yesterday I had 5 downloads of The Bananatree Brothers.

The day before yesterday I had 5 downloads of Doorless Darts.

I might be getting substantial attention (as far as my personal metrics for attention are concerned) - but I do wonder why or how I could get so many downloads of my products and make no money.

The Bananatree Brothers is supposed to cost 99 cents up front. I've only ever sold 4 reported copies. And yesterday I had 5 downloads, with no sales attached. ????

I sure hope there's a good reason for why it seems near-impossible for me to get paid for my work.

All these people have the money to buy OUYA's and buy internet connections and buy kindle devices ---- but NEARLY NO ONE can afford the small amount of payment I ask for huh?

Though I do enjoy seeing people download my work and have a look at it ----- it's a little disconcerting to me to see my efforts go nearly completely UNPAID.

There's probably a reason for this, and I hope it's a good reason.

I need some education maybe on why it's so hard to sell product. The best knowledge I have heard thus far on this topic is that there are a lot of really-really poor Americans. Does that really explain it?

Anyway, I am comfortable with my life, living on the government dole, but I am a little sad that I get so much money for doing nothing, and make no money trying to do something. Something seems a bit off about that.

I wish someone could explain to me what the problem is. I shouldn't need a university education to fix this ---- but the best I've heard so far is that a lot of people just can't afford things (although, they were rich enough to afford the OUYA or the Kindle Device to read my book on, plus the internet connection).

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