Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Telepathy Tests and 'Happy' Bank Stuff

I haven't done any telepathy tests for quite a while, except I did 3 today.

The first I did with my Mom, and she said "Z" and "6" and I responded with "Z" and "G". The third character I got completely wrong.

That test was real nice to do, first one for a while, to get a character exactly correct, and get "close" or "look alike" for the other.

I did a test with my Dad, which I completely got wrong.

And then, for the first time in history as far as I'm aware ---- I did a telepathy test with my brother.

He said "0 5 Q".

I responded with "O" and "J" and another character I got wrong.

This test obviously wasn't perfect, but my O compare well enough with his 0 and Q, and my J does, in fact, bear some resemblance to his 5, so that was fun.


I was watching some TV --- I saw a commercial from BMO (Bank of Montreal). It was the "SMILE Acronym" commercial, where they say they have no acronym/script.

That just brightened up my day. For reasons I will not explain here --- that commercial just made me so happy. I'm not going to explain why here though.

And in other banking news, the bank I have my checking account at has its own new commercial --- and a special offer for my savings account.

Maybe I shouldn't go into detail, I mean, maybe this is the sort of thing I should keep to myself --- though it makes me happy the bank I actually bank at has made this commercial and made this special offer --- I'm also kind of groaning inside.  The "groaning" is comparable to "corny joke" groaning, although it's not a joke and nothing is corny.

It's basically a "this sounds good/fun" but "it's just horrible in a way when you think about it". It's not a "bad" thing, it's just ----

Let me explain::: my bank released a commercial all about working hard. They say we work hard for our money in their commercial.

And, they offered me an awesome special offer that I somehow qualified for --- for special savings, up to $500,000.

It's just the juxtaposition of a "work hard" commercial, reminding me of all the work I've done, and then saying "you qualify for special savings up to a maximum of $500,000" when I haven't really even been paid for my work.

I guess it's a "Juxtaposition" groaner, that's what I'll call it. "You work hard, here, have this great savings offer up to $500,000" while in reality I have a negative bank balance at their bank and I'm not even getting paid for all the hard work I've done.

I feel it's nice that my bank would recognize hard work, and that they'd make me feel "special" by qualifying me for special savings,

but juxtaposed with how my hard work has not yet paid off, yeah, it's a groaner.

But, I am happy.


As for video game news: my Dad had an idea for how I might be able to play test the game in 1 week, and hopefully that will happen, we'll just have to wait and see. So, there's not much of a timeline for game release right now. "when it's done". :)

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