Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Received a request in email

I've received an actual legit looking LinkedIn request in my email this evening from someone I don't know who happens to live and work in my local area somewhere.

Just so I am clear: I don't use instagram, tumblr, snapchat, or LinkedIn.

I mean, the thing that scared me about using LinkedIn is that LinkedIn is supposed to be for professionals, and as a disability recipient who develops lackluster titles for OUYA, I am more of an amateur than a professional.

I'm no Destiny Developer, I'm no Call of Duty or Battlefield series developer.

As my psychiatric nurse put it: I am a hobbyist.

Just today as I was thinking about how much money I wish I could earn, I started thinking thoughts to calm myself down saying that I'm no pro at game development, I'm a small fish in a big pond and I may be a pretty gimped fish compared to the others as well.

It's kind of exciting that I'm famous enough to be contacted by a stranger in my local area on a social network I don't even use - but I mean, I am not a professional, and even in my hobbyist amateur game development I make all kinds of mistakes and can be absent minded.

The great thing about game development is if you make a mistake in development it's not the end of the world, unlike how it might be in other professions.

I'm also pretty introverted, and I'm questioning what someone who works at an oil company could want with me.

Maybe I'm just freaking out that this is LinkedIn -- the PROFESSIONAL social network, and I don't consider myself to be all that professional.

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