Thursday, April 7, 2016

Progress and Social Life

I am really thankful for my psychiatrist, because I can talk to her and she listens, and I can just unload anything on my mind when I'm with her - that's real nice.

But that only happens maybe once every three weeks.

Whenever I'm excited, concerned, scared, whatever, whenever I want to talk to someone, I often have no one to talk to.

I can talk to my Dad, but that's not written (I like writing) and I often get the impression he doesn't like hearing me talk and he's not really totally paying attention anyway.

I can talk on my blog --- but making too many posts too quickly is not a good thing, I think.

One reason I felt having a girlfriend was such a good thing for me, was that she'd be someone I could talk to --- but then I end up just "spamming" her, and maybe she wouldn't like that.

I've got issues --- lots to say, no one to say it to.


I'm making lots of progress on my next (7th) video game title, I've been working for numerous hours each day since Monday on this project.

And yes, it does just build on top of the past Bananatree games, but in a way that will hopefully be fun. It's for 4 players. And it's not just planting trees anymore either. Each character now has a HEALTH BAR. HAHAHAHA. :)

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