Friday, April 22, 2016

Maybe I'll Finally be paid! Three cheers!

I had just given up hope of ever getting paid for my video games - when earlier today Razer sent out a dev newsletter and stated that they would now be accepting PayPal as a payment method for paying royalties to developers.


Previously, I was planning on using my Dad's bank account to accept payment because my own bank doesn't have a SWIFT code for wire transfers, but now I can use my own PayPal and that just makes life so much easier!

There was a problem where when I tried to enter my pay pal info in the dev portal that the information wouldn't save properly --- and Cortex wasn't very responsive about this issue, but I still managed to solve the problem myself and get it to work. Yippee!!!

This is just so exciting. My sales and downloads haven't been reported to me since February 29th, so I have no idea how much or when I'll ever get paid ---- but things are sure looking up! :)

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