Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just an update about the game

How am I doing? I am well, I am peaceful, I am happy, I am wondering why I keep finding these pirating websites with tens TO thousands of people per site ripping off my books --- it would be so nice if people would pay me!

This is just an update to talk about what my most recent work on my game has been, and a bit more:

I put an aiming reticle on the heads up display in my game. Aiming was just too difficult without the reticle, so I put one in. Now it's a LOT easier.

I increased the amount of time it takes to grow a coconut. Technical reason --- increasing the time to grow a coconut reduces the number of coconuts, because with tonnes of coconuts sitting around, the computer has a hard time detecting when to pick up a coconut. All kinds of coconuts everywhere but can't pick one up? that situation makes no sense in real life, although it makes sense on a computer --- but by reducing the number of coconuts, I hope to fix that problem, and reduce the number by growing them slower.

I'm thinking about increasing the amount of time it takes to grow a banana too. Though that moves it out of line with past games, it might make sense due to the nature of this new game, especially as this new game can be played for 5, 10, or 20 minutes at a time.

So, things are fine. I didn't particularly need to write this post --- but I did want to talk a bit about my most recent work.

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