Monday, April 18, 2016

Congratulations on Success

My one company I publish through, Lulu, has been sending me a lot of discounts lately for purchasing print books.

Their most recent email says "We're successful when you're successful. Congratulations on your success" - to paraphrase.

Of course, they are basically implying that I am successful, and with a pirating website reporting almost 10,000 reviews on just one of my books, I can see that I've gone some level of viral.

But --- no sales reported. You'd think with that many thousands of copies stolen that I'd have more sales, right?

I imagine I probably have had sales, I don't think EVERYONE is that cheap to not pay anything --- so, why no report?

I can think of a number of reasons why there's no report, so if you paid and I'm complaining about not being paid, just realize there could be a reason.

Maybe I'm paying back all the social supports I've used over the past 10 years.

Maybe, with how the US banking system works, there are 9 other people who have a claim on the dollar bill used to pay me, and with 9 people in the US having a claim on that piece of paper maybe it can't come to Canada, where I am.

What I mean is::: most "money" in the US is just a number on a computer screen, the actual physical bills don't actually necessarily exist because the money in your bank account gets lent out by the bank. Therefore, 9 other people could have a claim on the dollar that was used to buy my book, and maybe for that reason I can't be paid.

Who knows. There's all sorts of possibilities about why I don't see sales. Which kind of sucks because I grew up poor, and I can't drive a car, and I need a way of making money so I can buy things like my own place to live.

If I just can't make money from selling things, dang. I understand there are probably reasons --- but it's just so sad how, in my life thus far, being totally completely successful eludes me over and over again repetitively, even if I'm on the brink of success, even on the verge of success, often enough the great success finds a way to evade me. Argh.

Oh well. I'll be happy with what I have --- it's not that bad having to live with my parents.

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