Friday, April 29, 2016

Comic-Con in Calgary

So, today was Comic Con in Calgary.

You'd think I'd have been there --- except I'm yet to get paid, yet to learn to drive a car, yet to buy a car, and my family is busy with other responsibilities right now, so it didn't fit in my transportation, nor was I keeping track of when it would be --- but I wouldn't have gone anyway because my family is really-really not in the "mood" right now, just busy with other things.

On the news, they said they had all kinds of Canadian Celebrities at the Comic Con, and they showed a list of names including "Kristian Bruuen". Then there was an X through the 'e' in Bruuen, making me wonder if this was a reference to myself not actually attending,

and then I found Kristian Bruun on Wikipedia - he's a Canadian Sci-Fi Actor.

Apparently his real first name is Charles, which is interesting because in High School I was known as "Chuckles".

So, the guy has a same given name as me (Kristian) and the name "Bruun" kind of matches up with "Blaine", "Banana" and "Blanchevi" ---- yes, I can see the resemblance.

Should I interpret this as an invitation for myself to go to comic-con? That would be hilarious ---- but I need to make more money just so I can transport myself there.

And this year my family was busy, so it just wasn't happening, and I knew it wasn't happening long before today. Not that I paid much attention to it. Sadly.

I really have to get creative to keep this going I think. So much work to do.

But I did some work today::: I fixed a bug in Coconuts versus Bananas, I tested a possibility for the game which I ended up rejecting because it wasn't going to be fun --- I removed double-hitting from the game to keep the game working in a "fun" way (in my definition of fun), and I tweaked the grow times of Bananas and Coconuts.

So, I did some work today, and I was unable to attend comic-con. Very interesting that they have a "like"-named celebrity listed there on the news though. Fun.

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