Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Business and Healthy Foods

So, I decided to brew myself some Green Tea this afternoon. I then asked Siri "What are the health benefits of Green Tea?" - because I had heard Green Tea has some good qualities about it.

According to the article Siri returned to me, Green Tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can gulp down, or even is THE healthiest drink if I understood the article properly.

And I've heard of some scientific reports that drinking Coffee -- generally the more the better -- that drinking coffee actually helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

All my life, growing up in the LDS Mormon Church, I was only ever told that Coffee and Tea are so completely wrong, to never touch them because I was told they were poison. This church told me that these two drinks were against their health code.

But according to actual science I'm looking up on the internet - these two drinks are actually really quite GOOD for you, with scientifically perceived health BENEFITS.

The church would let you gulp down all kinds of sugary juices and pops (as long as they weren't caffeinated pops) --- and sugar is proven to be a health risk ---

So this kind of bothers me, that two drinks which are actually quite good for you were said to be completely wrong while the sugary stuff which could be considered poison was totally allowed.



I suppose in my own business, I might come across as maybe "slightly" sort of "misleading" with my Coconuts versus Bananas video game which is upcoming.

In this game, to not reveal too many details --- Coconuts will lower your health, while Bananas will increase your health. When you understand the history of the video game series, and when you understand how the coconuts are going to be used --- it could be understood how this situation in game rules would arise ----

But according to this health report I get in email, I've understood from this health report that Bananas are actually "less healthy" fruits while Coconuts are quite good for you.

I suppose, I myself, might have some issues making Coconuts lower your health and Bananas increase your health ----

But when you understand that the Bananatrees are the protagonists and that the Coconuts are being thrown like dodgeballs --- maybe that explains how this situation arises in my game? heh. :)


In other news, I'm so happy --- I was looking at Cortex/OUYA's documentation, and I'm so glad I actually found the docs that explain how to get the icon to display properly on the main screen in Android TV. I'm so glad I found that --- it would have sucked more if I was using the wrong icon for this game. :)

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