Sunday, April 3, 2016

7th Video Game Idea

So, I was helping my sister move today, when I was "inspired" with an idea for a seventh video game.

I will reveal now that it will or should be the THIRD game in the Bananatree Series, and basically just creatively adds upon the previous titles.

Although, it won't be in the "KIDS" section because part of the very nature of my idea will automatically make the game for older kids, like 9+ or 12+.

If I do eventually complete this project, understand that I'm really just doing it for fun at this point --- Razer Cortex/OUYA doesn't report any sales or downloads to me anymore, so I'm not aware of things and can not expect to make money.

I would like to charge $1.99 for this game, to help keep Cortex in business, but because I'm not a top-level developer, I might only be able to get away with a $0.99 price tag with the stingy gaming public.

And yeah, that's basically my announcement for today. My mind is clear of all else, except for maybe a bit of a self-conscious thought process that I have been too much of a trouble in my life and wondering if I have brought unpaid servitude upon myself by having been naughty in any way at any point in life.

I really tried to be a good boy growing up, but in the words in Jesus, I can paraphrase that NO ONE IS GOOD --- Only GOD is good. I think Jesus did say that actually, or something like it.

I tried to be a good person, but it all goes so wrong. I mean, seriously, there are explanations for why life got so screwed up, but I don't want to get into that here on this blog.

Anyway, new video game idea. Also have to work on taxes and stuff to report to the government. Amid moving my sister's family to a new place.

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