Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yesterday's news

So, yesterday I was busy, running around the city with my parents in their van, doing a bunch of stuff ---

but it was while I was sitting in the van with my father waiting for my Mom who was in a shop, my Apple Watch started beeping wildly.

I look to see what the matter is::: Avril Lavigne mentioned me in a tweet.

Yay. That's nice of her. So: now it's engrained in the semi-permanent stone of Twitter: AVRIL KNOWS OF ME. Don't claim she and I can have nothing to do with each other: ok?

So, that's nice a tweet from Avril.

Of course, with Avril's 19.8 million followers and all the thousands of people who favorited or retweeted the message --- maybe I would've hoped someone might take interest in the website attached to my twitter handle (this website) --- but, the stats say nothing.

SO: that's how hard it is to get a message out. I spent thousands on advertising, got some people to look at my stuff -- but even getting tweeted by a rock star to ~19.8million people isn't enough to pique interest it seems, as far as I have been told. Unless something isn't being told me.

Yeah, it's pretty hard to get totally noticed I guess.

It's kind of like being on Netflix, seeing zillions of titles, choosing one, watching partway through and then getting disinterested ---- there's just so much content out there, you'd be lucky to grab 0.1% of the population's attention.

Which means Avril Lavigne herself has done really quite decently. But anyway, out of billions of people worldwide, bah, I won't bother to try any calculations there.

So:: Avril tweeted me, that's very nice of her, and as far as blogger has told me::: No one really truly cared, even with all the 2000+ retweets. Oh well.

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