Saturday, March 26, 2016

Very Small Twitter Surprise

So, having been blasted around the internet by Avril Lavigne, still getting messages of Retweets and Favorites from her mention of me, and having made ONE tweet myself about my visit to the zoo the other day::

Somehow a green energy website for Alberta discovered my twitter and followed me.

I am so happy to see that someone actually took some interest in me.

I do support the idea of Alberta using green energy, however that works, but I don't control this household's billing and I know my Dad has a bunch of brain problems about a number of issues.

Everyone in my family has had their mental problems I think (some more severe than others), but with my Dad, he seems to think this way: "If it's not a Conservative government, then it's not a valid/legal government".

I know, as I was out with my Dad for a bit today, the things he was saying at that moment led me to think my own thoughts about how "mentally ill" he is, to put it simply.

I'm just saying, that I myself may be considered perhaps a soft supporter of green energy policies in Alberta, I'm not hardcore for it, but I'm not against it either.

However, my Dad is hardline against anything set up by Liberals or NDP that might cost money.

Just to let you know: My Dad and I are not the same person, but he controls more of the household affairs than I do.

I could ramble on for a very long time about the way I look at mental illness in my family, but I won't --- it'd take a lot of writing and would be mostly off-topic to the discussion of green energy. The basic point of mentioning the mental illness thing is that my Dad is mentally ill enough that he is strongly opposed to green energy ideas (as I've understood).

I have a deep internal want or desire or urge to write about mental issues in my family, if even just to complain, but I know I shouldn't.

And there you go.


On a side note, it is pretty cool for me to be noticed by the green energy Alberta thing.

Over 99.9% of Avril's followers didn't seem to take any interest in me, and that was disappointing, but I'm glad someone "cared".

Also: If my name got blasted out to 19.8million people on twitter by a celebrity, and none of those people could be bothered to listen to anything I say, I think I can declare that I can give up on trying to create entertainment to sell for low cost. I'm pretty much going out of business.

I'm not completely out, as ICBM did go up in rank substantially since Avril's tweet, but even so just high rank doesn't do it: I don't see much money coming in. The OUYA/Forge Dev Portal hasn't reported any activity since the end of February even though I got tweeted and went up in rank, so who knows what is going on.

And lastly, it will be so nice, I hope, when Ubuntu 16.04 LTS comes out, as I was writing this article, Ubuntu 15.10 froze, again. Annoying. But I can hope.

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