Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Message: On Which Court is Justified

So: My mom was heading out to church (LDS/Mormon) today, and my mind was bursting on ideas of how the word "Forgiveness" is understood by different people. You see, I do want to know what my Mom understands about these things.

Anyway, my mom didn't say much, but the topic developed into this:


You see, in D&C 64, Joseph Smith Jr says everything should be forgiven, and you even forgive the people who do things that are illegal by taking them before civil or criminal courts (the laws of the land) and throwing the illegal individual in prison, but forgiving them at the same time.

Spencer W Kimball in his book The Miracle of Forgiveness, however, teaches that inter-church litigation issues are always to be brought before a church court, and never before the courts of the unbelievers, that is is better to take a wrong and let yourself be defrauded than to demand justice through non-church members.

Basically, Joseph Smith said the laws of the land or the laws of the King/Queen/Magistrate/whoever-is-in-charge should be respected even if they don't belong to the church and that all legal issues should be dealt with through the courts,

while Spencer W Kimball, a successor to Joseph Smith down the line, said all inter-church litigation issues are to NEVER be taken before non-believers and that it is all to be dealt with in church-court-channels.

Basically, one prophet taught civil/criminal courts should be used, and the other prophet taught that church courts should be used.

And in my experience, the church just likes to cherry pick from incident to incident and they just choose which of their then-favourite leaders they're going to follow at any one time.

Basically, sometimes the church will follow Joseph Smith, sometimes they'll follow Spencer W Kimball, but it all really depends on if they want you to be justly dealt with or if they want you to be defrauded.

That's what I understand about it.

So yeah, two prophets of the church taught completely contradictory doctrines about the exact same thing, and the church involved with the incident will just cherry pick and choose which leader they like more at each incident.

And that's what my Sunday Morning discussion was based around as my Mom went to church this morning.

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