Saturday, March 19, 2016

Reconciling the ORank, the ZRank, and Trending Now

So, the ORank is Frozen.

Trending Now shows some stuff.

But the ZRank on the website doesn't exactly match up with Trending Now on the Forge.

In fact, not only does the ranking differ on the two ranking sources, but the ratings do as well.

With a few of my games, the number of ratings is the same on each source, but the rating went down a bit.

Why is that?

Did someone change their mind about how much they like my game?

But then --- why doesn't the rating change consistently on each media? It's different from two different sources from the same company.

Something very strange going on here.

And the reports in the dev portal are pretty much frozen too.

Maybe no one is playing my games, maybe I'm not very popular --- but it's strange on the Trending Now where The Bananatree Brothers is my top ranked game, yet as far as I know I've sold only a few copies of that title.

Well, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand says apparently, so I'm just seeing things that look like "mismatches" that make me wonder.

And there are any number of reasons why this exists.

Well, I still feel good inside, and I know with my inexperienced and uneducated development perspective that I probably couldn't expect too much success. It was all a fun experience.

And I suppose it's possible or likely that people might have hurt feelings about me, but I try to be nice and to be a good person.

You know what? There are high quality games ranked lowly, and lower quality games ranked highly, so maybe it all means nothing. Who knows.

I just want to get paid so I can finally move out of my parents'  basement, you know? :)

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