Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rankings and Reports

Remember my post a week or two ago when I bought the last ranked game on Forge Arcade called "sheep in hell" and the game went from last (70) to about 31?

In the past few days, since Avril tweeted me, Pfhonge went from about last in Forge Arcade, to 29th today.

And ICBM went from the dumps to a really quite highly ranked position on all if its rankings (although, the ZRank hasn't updated for a while).

Well, my games have gone up considerably in rank, yet no activity has been reported in my dev portal since February 29th. Maybe a crash report came in, but that's all, though the crash report is hard to tell since I don't think I'm always memorizing them.

So, what is going on here?

It's strange, with my books and video games, seeing changes and what looks like activity in related published sources online, yet not seeing much in the way of reports.

What could it be?

It's too bad I'm Canadian, and am not acquainted with American laws nor do I live in the US so I can't investigate very well, and also I'm kind of poor so it'd be hard to hire help anyway,

But yeah. Huh.

I did all that work, writing, updating, making sure everything is more or less good, I advertised, and wham::: I can't even see reports apparently.

I have small ideas about might be going on with my extremely limited experience/knowledge, but I don't know anything for certain so I probably shouldn't speculate.

It's just too bad. I tried, and I am apparently not even being fully reported to.

Is it wrong for me to post this on my blog? or is this just a "business SOS"?

We'll see where this all goes, not that I can do much.

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