Thursday, March 24, 2016

On Internet "Control"

Well, I put an email address up in my OUYA game profiles for people to write to for comments, suggestions, and bug reports.

Guess what? No one writes. I get commercial advertisements at that address, but nothing constructive has been said, which does make me wonder if there's any censorship or if most people really don't give a dang about my games which appear on a console that was funded through multi-million dollar kickstarter campaign.

Well, this evening I actually got a message! Someone Cc'd me about some music to listen to on Apple Music. Unfortunately, I couldn't listen, because the song was in the US, and I'm Canadian, so I couldn't hear it --- which only just illustrates controls and restrictions online.

To tell the truth, it is actually vividly realistic how I see the controls and restrictions put in place. And though I don't make money, it might be a good thing, such as for mental health purposes.

You see, when I was a kid, I think about my childhood at home::: and the kids in the family were insane.

At school:::: the kids were insane. Especially at FFCA. Yes, I must note that the insanity could be cut with a butterknife at FFCA, although Public School I would say was more tame with the "zero tolerance" policies set it place.

Church was insane.

The days I spent in the earliest versions of Avril Lavigne's fanclub were insane.

When I was first introduced to the mental health department for my own problems, my Dad pointed out to me that there are a LOT of people in the world who don't have it together in their heads.

I have to say, Psychiatry as done some really wonderful things, mental hospitals are actually pretty decent places,

but the way you need a mental hospital becomes clear after all the time you've spent with all kinds of insane people growing up all your life.

Maybe I personally had it really bad, I have a family with mental health issues, so I went to a school with mental health issues, and the church had obvious mental health issues ----

And somehow Avril Lavigne's early fanclub also had completely seriously insane mental issues.

I remember on Avril's fanclub, I would be trying to talk about something in a thead on her forum, and someone would constantly write posts on the topic saying "change the subject" --- I mean, I was saying what I had to say, but someone else felt they had the right or ability or imperative to control me -- which I didn't agree with, I was going to say what I had to say, and I really didn't think it was reasonable to constantly demand changing the subject rather than just having a polite or at least good or reasonable discussion. I basically said that if he didn't want to discuss this topic, he could go look at a different thread, because really, he didn't need to harass me to tell me not to discuss what I wanted to discuss.

In this internet of communication controls, where either people are ignoring me or I'm not allowed to see all the insanity that comes up, I do have to say I am a lot more comfortable than actually having to deal with all the complete attitude and mental illness that went around back in those days.

Only problem is: with internet controls, maybe I'm not seeing reports properly, and therefore I don't get paid for my efforts. Who knows.

Another way to illustrate the insanity and how the internet might be controlled is this:::

Back in FFCA, I had classmates who were "friends", but to be completely honest, their behaviour really wasn't right, and it was in fact quite wrong and technically illegal I'd bet.

Anyway, I once sent maybe one or two facebook messages to this old classmate, and he never responded.

Clear evidence of internet control.  The government knew how those kids behaved, and we are completely cut off, however how, for any number of reasons.

So, I go through life, alone, with my family, having memories of an insane history, not getting paid much, but still given enough to live with, and really, that's life. I could have hoped for so much more in life, but the fact is::: lots of people have lots of thinking problems it seems like, so society needs to heal, I guess.

Which is probably why I think internet controls have made themselves evident.

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