Saturday, March 19, 2016

O-Rank not updating & more

So, for the month of March, pretty much, in my browser windows the OUYA O-Rank hasn't really been updating - at all. It's basically just sitting static with my games always listed at the same rank from day to day, week to week.

On top of that, I haven't had a listed download of any game since the end of February --- the month of March has been completely devoid of activity in my developer portal.

What is the cause of this?

I could speculate:

maybe my internet has been hijacked and I don't get to see the actual truth, maybe what's actually happening is being hidden from me.

Or maybe Razer is working on something and the old OUYA information isn't being updated, even though the OUYA dev portal is supposed to also be the Cortex dev portal, as I understand.

Maybe no one to very few people are playing anymore.

Or maybe people are boycotting my games for (probably obvious) reasons. Of course, this option doesn't make that much sense since I have two games ranked at the 300 level in the O Rank, and if I was boycotted, this wouldn't be happening.


Whatever the case, looking at reports and rankings is getting boring - there's no action.

So I really wonder what's going on.

Yeah, I mean, my games would reach as high as 80-something or 60-something on the O-Rank with very few sales, so maybe that is just an indicator that people have stopped playing, which is very sad because OUYA was such a good fun idea. I played when I could personally, but because I lack close personal friendships, I often had no one to play with.

So, who knows. Having a high rank on the O-Rank didn't translate into actual sales, unfortunately, so maybe the whole thing is just dying. So sad. What a waste of money for Razer.

But that is the problem you know ---- just having all these thousands of people who wouldn't be bothered to actually pay someone honestly for their work. It's really sad actually.

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