Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mental Health Development

Maybe I'm supposed to keep to myself, not let too much out in the media:: but the thing is, when I write my record of things that happen in my life, I like to tell someone else about it as I'm writing. That means email, blogging, and facebook.

When I write my life's record, I actually have a tendency to prefer to talk publicly, I think, although I do respect something that should remain private.

Anyway, when I went to see my psychiatrist today, something weird happened when I was in the psychiatric lobby, waiting to see the doctor.

So, when I saw the doctor, I told the doctor this, and other things, and....

Boom. The doctor said I was on a very high dosage of the med I'm taking, and figured it should maybe be lowered.

OK --- So the doctor basically said something about my dosage being too high, and might've maybe said something about changing my medication.

1) This does kind of make sense to me, EXCEPT:::

2) because of a personal family issue, I'm not totally certain this will be a good idea. Years ago I would have loved this idea, but now I'm kind of afraid of what would happen if I lowered my med.

The doctor did note that this is the best med I've ever had, despite how I'm fatter on this med than at any other point in my life ---- but even so, I have had a good mental state on this med.

Anyway, today's occurrence in the psychiatric office prompted my doctor that I needed to change my med, which she indicated would probably at least be a lower dosage of what I take now.

I'm not totally certain if "change my med" means just a lower dosage or a new med altogether, but we'll see.

But, it's true::: she said this is the best med I've ever been on for me, and now she says the dosage is too high.


I like this news, although no one else in my family knows right now, but because of family reasons, I'm afraid of what might happen if my med does get changed. We'll see where this goes.

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