Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Latest Media

So, in the past two days I've seen two newly released medias --- a new TV episode just released and a newly released movie in the cinema.

Both medias each had a character named "Finch" in them.

And of course we can't forget "Finn" from Star Wars can we?

I used to identify so closely with that self-chosen name for years - so of course it's kind of like I'm seeing myself again - sort of.

There was a TV show episode from a decade ago where they named the minor character "Christian" and the episode even seemed to predict the coming of The Number 23 movie --- it just looked like a reference to myself.

I guess I've done enough with my life to really impress someone or some people, because for a long time now I feel like I just see myself in media.

How did things get like this?

Because I was a boyscout --- and I took the promise "I promise to do my best" seriously, I guess. I mean, I was pretty decent at what I did, but I guess I really put forth the effort. Just doing your best gets you far in life, it seems.

Basically, I just would want to inspire whoever reads my blog to do their best, to be good people, it's not possible as far as I know to be perfect, but there's no harm in trying to be the best you can be.

I'm speaking as the top of the class in school, as a valedictorian and generally-nice-well-behaved-guy.

But really, it's just in my state of mind right now to be reminded of myself when I see these Finchy names in new media.

It is also a reminder that my LDS patriarch may have been capable of predicting a bit of the future --- in so many ways Mormonism is or seems so wrong, yet in other ways to does appear to have some at least tiny bit of good value to it.

I was thinking of other things this evening too --- but now I can't remember any of that. Just excited by all the sudden mention of characters named "Finch".

Oh - I remember something - when I first called myself Finch, I was young and inexperienced enough that I didn't know the word was actually used as an actual family surname at the time. I just called myself after the bird, because I needed a pseudonym.

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