Monday, March 21, 2016

Examining the Forge Ranks

So, I was a little confused by the mismatched information I saw coming from Forge ranking sources on the different games, so here's a bit of continued examination:

My own games appear to be in competition for last place on Forge, which is explainable with how nobody is downloading or buy anything for the past few weeks --- maybe there's an unannounced boycott against me, who knows - I totally understand if people don't like me (but that's a different story.

Well, looking at my games competing for last place, I looked at the Arcade section and saw the last place game: "Sheep in Hell".

The game did look interesing enough, cost only 99 cents, and was ranked last, so I figured I'd buy it and try it out. I even played with it for a while.

Anyway, the Arcade rankings have updated again --- Sheep in Hell went from last place (70th), to ~31st place with my purchase.

Actually, if I bought the game, and the game jumped up to 31st place --- then that means there are A LOT or a substantial number of people who are playing Forge and therefore the business is more successful than I previously thought.

2 things:

1) I'm sorry if I disappointed everybody with my life, and I understand vaguely why I might get boycotted, so I yeah, I have to live with that --- it was sure nice to have periods in my life when I was highly ranked however ....

2) And since I was highly ranked at certain points, at those points I understood the system to do poorly because I ranked highly without sales --- but what if my sales just weren't reported to me? I really have to wonder what is going on there.

But, whatever the case, considering the life I've lived, I think I can totally expect to be hated and penalized by whoever for whatever reason.

And on that note ----

I'll just say that growing up I was trying to be a good boy, doing what I understood to be right. I really tried. I guess it all went wrong though. And because of how things went, I understand if the world hates me - that does make sense, but the part that doesn't totally make sense is how the world pretty much hated me since I was born it seemed like, so in that sense, nothing has really changed.

And no, I'm serious, for a certain reason that my parents told me --- I do believe I have been hated pretty much since I was born, so really, all my life is me trying to do good and do my best and everything just going wrong.


But to tell the truth, Forge/OUYA is a lot of fun for me, and I am curious about how I ranked highly without payment while this other game ranked mid-way with at least 1 payment. ?? who knows.

Lastly, considering that I ranked highly at all, maybe I'm not as hated as I thought I was. Maybe everyone is done with my games right now. Maybe life isn't really as bad as I might've made it out to be. That much can be hoped for.

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