Thursday, March 31, 2016

Email and Stuff

So, I was watching this TV Episode on netflix, for a new series/season of a tv show I like --- and in this episode, the protagonists discover that NO ONE in their community even has money to pay them with --- everyone is dirt poor, and can't even afford cheaper items.

To me, this seems like a representation of the market as I try to earn the smallest amounts of money, but who knows what's really going on there ---

So, I've got a brother right now who seems to be thinking that he'd also like to experiment with my ideas of Telepathy.  He hasn't said it that way outright- and he has been at least a little crazy of late, but basically the idea is that he seems to have gotten into the telepathic belief system more or less, as I have understood him.

A day or two ago, he said he was talking to a Russian in his mind, and this Russian was interested in my ability to write computer software, this russian wanted to know what languages I knew.

My brother explained to me that I could likely expect (or not expect if it's just his craziness) email from Russia soon ----

And guess what? I turned on my computer just now, checked my email, and boom, there's a girl in Russia who sent me a message who wants to talk.

I've actually received at least 3 other emails from Russian & Area ladies in the past who want to talk or even "hook up" - more or less - so, yes, of all the nations in the world who are sexually interested, Russian Ladies seem to have the most interest in me it seems (or, at least, being male I see her pretty face and it's automatically about sex at that point, although maybe it's not about "hooking up" in this email").

I mean, From a past experience I determined that I just wasn't wealthy enough to even think of attempting a relationship with a woman, much less a woman on the other side of the world, so I've had a tendency to let every lady slide (meaning, I immediately ignore them) who ever comes along.

It's just interesting my brother pretty much said I could expect email from Russia and boom, just a day or two later, here one is. Will I respond? I'm not sure. She looks pretty but I can not afford romance nor am I a professionally trained programmer. (I taught myself the programming stuff, mostly).

And lastly, with all of Canada's NDP and Liberal social programs going on at this point, you'd think I'd be seeing all the great programs they have advertised to me::: you know, like maybe a grant for my "art" or the Alberta Treasury Branch encouraging me to start a business. But no, I only get my social assistance and no advertisements of anything greater.

But despite me being a canadian and not having been in the US for a very long time, the USA is brimming with advertisements in my email of opportunities I might be able to take --- if I lived in the US.

I mean, you have to be careful, because you don't really know who to trust necessarily,

but I've received american emails talking about borrowing money to start a business, handouts from celebrities, come to our school, all that --- and this evening I had an email with an actual US government URL mentioned of how I could be eligible to take a US Government Education Grant to get educated in the US! Of course, I mean, just seeing that there, and seeing americans advertising to me like that, and noticing how Canada doesn't make me aware of these things nearly as well, and you have to wonder.

Anyway, thinking about life, if I were to go back to school, I'd probably want to take Driver's Ed first of all ---- I'm 31 years old, and have always been too poor to learn to drive a car. I'm always having to rely on someone else's schedule to get around.

But, in all seriousness, the money the US government would offer as a grant for education is still probably a pittance compared to what the Alberta government gives me to stay out of trouble and feel happy and live comfortably in my Parents' basement.

So, a bunch of stuff about life in this post, a  TV show observing how people just can't or won't pay for things, and most interestingly a brother who told me to expect email from Russia and he actually turned out to be RIGHT! Amazing huh?

Although, if this Russian Lady is actually wanting my programming, I do not know up front from her email, and I'm not sure I will respond, especially since she wrote to an email I don't really use anymore and the service provider has had serious server problems in sending from that address for many years.

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