Thursday, March 31, 2016

Doing my Taxes

So yesterday I sat down to work on my taxes.

I gathered together all of my records on money I made through book sales.

I learned something interesting from the figures:

The amount of money I earned for 2015 from AuthorHouse in Canadian Dollars was $7.77.

The amount of money I earned for 2015 from AuthorHouse, KDP and Lulu combined, was apparently $23.01CAD.

Whether it's the publishers, the bank, or both, these numbers are clearly sending me the message that my reported earnings are a joke.

After having written The Book of Finch, and then getting numbers like that adding up in my income tax, something is just being too terribly funny right now.

So, no, I probably DON'T get everything I sell actually reported to me, these numbers are a joke I would think (although, they do appear to be what my serious tax report to the government will say).

Just so no one flies off the handle about anything that is "obviously" going wrong here:

I can think of at least 3 or 4 possible or potential reasons why my earnings aren't reported to me.

And to be honest, most of those reasons are probably legally legitimate and considering the circumstances there's really not much I can do.

Of course, there is also the illegitimate reason why I might lose money --- but it seems unlikely that every company I work with would be that way with me, and with all the rest of their clients as well --- so no, I am not accusing anyone, because that actually seems like the worst reason.

Other places my money might go:

The Canadian Government Wants it.
The American Government Wants it.
The Alberta Government Wants it.
I might be paying back the money I took as social support for the past 11 years.
It might, for whatever reason, maybe even end up somewhere else "legitimate" that I'm not going to mention by name because I don't want to directly speculate such a thing without knowing absolutely.

So anyway, there are any number of places the money could go for any number of reasons. And it's not necessarily absolutely all wrong.

The good thing is::: with the money I do have, I am able to live my life pretty comfortably anyways, so it's not like I absolutely needed to be super rich or anything.

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