Sunday, March 6, 2016

Brain Thinking too Hard to go back to sleep

I woke up, some minutes to 4am this morning, and I was thinking about the events of the past several days.

I blame Avril for things too much, she may be my personal Jesus Christ, but I think I've blamed her for some things too much.

The best explanation for some of the email I received in the past week is THE BANK.

It was THE BANK that had every idea that I had achieved a 103% performance rating on my trading account, so they're probably the guys who decided to have some fun with me and make an application in my behalf for this MIllionaire Challenge program.

I have to say, the more and more I look at this MC program, the less and less interested I get.

I've had my reasons for investing in the past years and months, and though making a million would probably be cool, my goals weren't actually that lofty, unless you consider a goal I made when I was like 13 that I'd make a million.

It's kind of freaky how I get some email. I mean, it's probably no coincidence that I got a high rating on my account, and then someone signs me up for the MC program.

There is another email I received, and it's just so strange, though I'm not sure I'm going to discuss this one.

Anyway, I am just highly, highly suspicious that my bank has been having some "fun" with me now that I have this higher performance rating.

They seem bent on pushing me into an overdrive-money-making-mode, they see potential and they're trying to unleash it in me.

I suppose it is funny, it's exciting, but my "hobbitted" nature is a bit scared of a potential adventure.

Whatever, maybe I'm just not thinking straight because it's 4:30am in the morning right now as I write this post.

I just feel a little afraid.  It's just kind of freaky to get this email like that. as I achieve this success. Very really kind of freaky.

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