Monday, February 1, 2016

Why should I trust this?

OK then.

Remember all those emails from famous people I received who were trying to give me gifts?

I just received another one today.

It claims to be from an Albertan MP in Stephen Harper's old government.

He's trying to give me a giftcard to a steakhouse.

As if all these famous people suddenly found it very enticing for some reason to be trying to give me gifts and gift cards and stuff.

Well, it does seem absolutely ridiculous that this would happen at this point.

OK - I did click on the link, and it sent me to some kind of "survey" website, but the website was blank (although that may be because I'm using Midori as my browser and it may have been incompatible).

Maybe they're trying to get me to fill out surveys for these gift cards. That might make sense --- but where do all these famous names come from? Like, really, an old conservative MP????

It does actually seem unbelievable at this point that this would be real.

Maybe it's a totally legit survey operation, but I can't be too certain of anything I see online - you know? Online safety must be remembered.

Not sure what else to say. It just seems unlikely that an MP would attach his name to something like this.

But, I guess the thought counts; The thought that I should be reimbursed for my work or the thought that I could still fall in love. It may all be spam, but at least it can help me feel loved. Heh. How pathetic is that?

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