Friday, February 26, 2016

The Test of Truth

I think President Hinckley of the LDS Mormon church once said that his church stands or falls on the testimony of Joseph Smith about his first vision of God the Father and Jesus in the Sacred Grove. Either it was true, or it wasn't. And that's the whole basis for the existence of Mormonism.

Likewise, all these famous names I'm receiving in my inbox::: it's either true, or false, either these famous people are somehow learning of me and sending me email in some way, or someone is an identity thief and just loves to spam inboxes (or at least my inbox) with emails using famous peoples' names.

Remember when I got an email from a Conservative Member of Canadian Parliament and I thought that seemed pretty ridiculous?

I am now, finally going to actually name one individual who appeared in my inbox recently, and the whole idea of me receiving emails from famous people stands or falls on if this man actually had anything to with this email being sent to me.

if this man did have something to do with this email, then wow --- my fame has spread --- but I mean, I am actually sad at how bad it is for the possibility that this was all just an identity thief and scam artist's work.

I will also note, that with how I couldn't make up my mind very easily last Canadian election, that I think I'm finally going to take a position of political neutrality, because seriously, I don't feel like taking any actual positions on politics at this time.

So:: it was pretty crazy for me when I saw the name "D Trump" in my email, I checked the message and it does claim to be pretty much a message of sorts from the presidential candidate Donald Trump about his ideas on how to make american people earn more money, something like that.

Of course, this "famous person" message is completely different from the other famous name messages I've received, but I received it nonetheless.

I don't know if I'll ever find out if this email actually came from this man, but I'm just going to throw this out there that a very public figure's initial and last name arrived in my email. I was very surprised to see that.

I mean, I suppose it's possible that I could mention some other names that emailed me, but I'd rather not for the risk of possibly defaming someone for something they didn't send me, or even just so these famous individuals can maintain their privacy about their email.

I've just been confused by long enough about how legit this all really is, so I'm just mentioning one name, and really, it's either true or false.


I just had a look at the email again after writing the above post, and found that there's a UTAH address attached to this message that uses the name of D Trump as the sender. Yes --- this email is completely different from the rest, none of the others claimed to be from Utah, as I remember.

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