Monday, February 15, 2016

The "Delusions"

I've gotten a few more of those spams that claim to be from famous people.

I got this one email today from a name that can be found on Wikipedia that says "You are about to start making money!"

That would be awesome.

With all the spam-gifting I've received, and with my Dad making a delusional statement last election that we'd pay more tax under the new government, and with a recent statement my brother made while technically out of his mind,

I definitely seem to be getting raised hopes of finally getting paid for something.

Who knows when I'll make my money. All these products published, and very few reported sales. Wonder what's going on.

I should also note that my telepathy experiments with my parents in the past week or two haven't turned out very well. But, telepathy 0 does appear to work a bit better still for me, though not as well as I would hope for.

And another spam email that says "I'm interested in you" - from a pseudonym. This one is romantically based.

Well, I guess it's not Avril Lavigne.

I'll just warn all the ladies::: I find it incredibly easy these days to ignore women.

At the age of 31 my hormones aren't the same.

And having grown up in the Mormon church, when I see an attractive female my instant instinct or reaction is to avert my eyes.

Sooo --- yeah, I'm a little pathetic to be taking my spam so seriously and reporting it on my website, but I think it's interesting that I get these "famous names" sending me email, with promises of financial gain.

It plays with my hopes, especially considering the delusional things my father and brother have said.

And my final comment for this post is::: I'm having so much fun playing around with Ubuntu Linux. It's not the perfect operating system, but it's useful enough and I just get to have fun geeking-out with it.

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