Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Strange Messages

So, I woke up this morning.

And I found a piece of masking tape glued to my belly.

Now, this piece of masking tape may have come from the t-shirt I wore for the first time this night, it may have been on the t-shirt before I got it and just came off on me.

Except I didn't notice the tape when I put the shirt on, and because there's a "message" printed on the tape, I'd almost kinda wonder if an angel put the tape there overnight while I slept.

REALLY STRANGE. But not unheard of, considering that one night I woke up with my shirt taken off my torso, only remaining on my arms, and I have no idea how I got that way while I slept.


Maybe I should keep this to myself, except I'm not sure what it means, so I'll print it here:

[in green ink]
[in blue ink]
(the 110 is scratched out and replaced with)
(a scratched out)
[in green ink]
(a scratched out 16)

That's the best I can describe this message on this blog beyond scanning the piece of tape.

I mean, "EFHW" kind of reminds me of the hebrew "YHWH" or, and "16:2" looks like it might be a scripture reference. I'm not sure what for though.

In other news, I also got another strange email::

and I've received other emails like this before, but I never paid attention from them because they didn't seem legit:

it's a message from "Google" from a non-google email to my non-google email. Doesn't make a lot of sense that Google would do that, so it probably wasn't Google.

The thing is though, one of the names that appears in the email line of the message is "GRIF" (grif).

The interesting thing about that is this:::: the FIRST TIME I met Avril Lavigne in person, I was wearing a SHIRT that had the name GRIF printed on the back.

So, I am now more certainly suspecting that these messages are from Avril Lavigne herself or someone near to her. Of course, when the one message said it was a millionaire, that probably referred to Avril herself.

And seeing as how I saw a "body double" of Avril at my psychiatric clinic a number of moths ago, it really could be her. Wow. Cool.

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