Sunday, February 7, 2016

Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

SO::: I've written a bunch of books, I've published a bunch of video games, I've written this blog ---

and I get all this spam telling me people want to send me gifts in the forms of gift card donations and the like.

So: now, if you want to send me "money" or a helpful "thank you" for my work, just click on my bitcoin donation link to send me some digital currency.

So: no more need to spam me with gift cards that I might be confused by as scams, and I can't seem to accept anyway.

So, yeah ---- if you feel I've been hard working to tell the true story of what goes on, or if you think I've been hard working to entertain people, and you are sad that people haven't been paying me much of anything, then feel free to compensate me with a bitcoin donation. thanks!

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