Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Living in my crazy world

So: in the past week or two I've received a couple emails saying that someone who wants to be my valentine has left me a sizeable sum of money at a certain website (or something).

I didn't click the links because so far none of these gifts have worked out, or I wasn't sure how much I could trust any of it.

Anyway, it's real nice that I'd get one email saying a millionaire wants to date me (a while back) and now my wanna-be-valentine is leaving me monetary gifts at some website.
No idea.

This is kind of the strangest spam I have ever seen.

So:: who is this valentine? My first guess is actually Avril Lavigne, my second guess is that it's some who-knows-who rich woman who is in desperate need of a man (like, I might be suitable?), and my other guess is that it's just spam.

Anyway --- a little about my crazy world:

A few months ago I was going to the hospital for my regular psychiatric checkup when I saw a girl arrive in the waiting area (as i arrived, arrived at same time pretty much) who looked remarkably similar in appearance to Avril Lavigne --- she even had the rips in her pants to prove it.

What's weird is this:::: That day on facebook Avril said she had a checkup for her Lyme Disease, and in that photo she wore the ripped pants except all her clothes were a dark colour.

The "Avril" I saw in person wore light-coloured clothing, but the rips in the pants were very similar.

3 weeks later when I saw the psychiatrist (the day of the sighting was injection-only) the doctor looked surprised that Avril would be at the hospital and suggested that it was just a body double.

Either it was Avril, or it was a body double.

If it was a body double:

Strange thing is, I've seen who I recognized as Jesus Christ appear at the hospital maybe once or twice, depending on how you want to identify Jesus (whatever the truth of his appearance is) --- the most convincing appearance when he looked like (in 2015) the 20 year old version of the 30 year old I saw in 2004, and was being security escorted like a dangerous maniac by guards, shortly before an LDS apostle died.

Anyway, if the Avril I saw on that day was really just a body double --- who was it? The part that scares me is that I had been reading in a magazine about actual appearances of the Virgin Mary (Jesus' Mom) throughout the world at that time, yes about that time my magazine article told me about the Virgin Mary appearing ---- so what if the Avril body double I saw was? um? yes, it's a scary thought. Just speculation though.

Or it was her, though that seems unlikely.

Heck --- all of this seems very, very unlikely, but it's the crazy world I'm living in, I guess.


OK, I Just checked my email again and today's Spam is from a woman, who like so many emails before her, wants to "befriend" me. She identified me personally by name and said she liked my pics on instagram.

Except I DON'T HAVE an Instagram account.


I really have no idea --- it all looks pretty spammy, but they know my real name, they seem to know where I live, and they are personally targeting me it seems.

The thing is --- Their email looks like spam. I mean, it might be legitimately personally for me --- but they make it LOOK like spam. Seriously.

I mean, it does appear that they know who I am and they want to talk to me or do something with me, but it's all so spammy it's hard to tell what's going on here.

And yes --- the fact that it's spammy is probably just in response to how I refer to my own emails to friends as spam, though I send a different kind of "spam"(not really spam, just bulk email to whoever my friend happens to be, not that I've done that for at least a few months now).

Hmmm. Seriously. Who out there knows me well enough to use my real name with my personal address, make it look all spammy and be this way with me?

Two options:: Avril Lavigne, or maybe one or two of those spam emails I actually responded to when I wasn't thinking about what I was doing.

Either it has something to do with Avril, or it's just some random spammer out there who I actually replied to once or twice. Haha. Scary.

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