Thursday, February 18, 2016

It might be or seem relevant

How should I start this post?

In the past couple days, I've thought of so much to say.

I'll start here: when I write something on blogger, it seems a lot like someone or something at Google reads what I write and responds to me with related videos on my Youtube feed.

I recently said it's easy for me to ignore women, especially the attractive ones. Consequently, Youtube started showing me videos of how there's a massive shortage of marrying men and even videos of guys warning each other not to get married, and videos of reasons why men don't get married.

When it comes to my discussion of people sending me spam about giving me money, Youtube expressed an idea that rich people (including famous rich people) like investing, and generally I have a bit of an idea from people around me that I'm pretty much a one-man-freelance-sole-proprietary business, and maybe these emails are about investment.

I even had an email offer small business loans.

The thing about me being a business taking loans or investments:::: Before I ever thought about attracting investment capital for my business, even if I were to hire others with that money, is that I would like to know before hand that it's entirely possible and likely to get paid for products released.

So far, I have seen very little evidence that whoever has the money is actually willing to pay me for my work --- and therefore I do not feel confident in taking investment cash to create a real business. If I can't make money with what I already have, then I don't have much hope for future success.

But, furthermore, I was thinking today about some of the things I was telling Avril Lavigne in my writing to her (I sent her donations with messages attached) before I stopped writing before Christmas, and I realized it's entirely possible and even likely that this spam I receive from famous names may actually be real ----- it's like I was talking to Avril about things before christmas, and she talks about it with her famous buddies, and now they've been sending me spam-like email on related topics.  Yes --- a lot of my talking to Avril involved money talk. And now the famous people might be responding.

It could all just be scam spam too ---- but today I looked at my inbox and spambox and realized the spammers have seriously reduced the number of messages they send me --- for the past weeks I'd probably get at least several messages a day, and today I only got like 2 of these messages --- which means there's likely an intelligent force behind the messages and not just a computer mailing list.

So, it's nice of everyone to think of me as deserving for my effort, I guess it's the thought that counts.

And it's also funny, the thoughts about my discussion with Avril, and how a recent email I received from a famous name relates. I can see a sense of humour there.

In other news, Facebook has told me a bunch more people, more people than normal, have liked The Book of Finch out of the blue,

and today Google sent me an email offering me a coupon for advertisement. Again, it's the thought that counts, that they would try to help me somehow, although I still don't make enough from sales to make it really worth my while.

And my Ubuntu 15.10 just completely crapped-out and I had to reboot, so I might as well just end this post quickly.  yeah, it seems that Firefox, Chrome and Chromium all seem to have problems on pages like Facebook and Blogger that causes recurring complete system freezes. I hope Ubuntu 16.04LTS will finally fix this issue. Yeah.

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