Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finding an Interpretation

So, I've figured out some seeming interpretation (kinda) of that piece of tape I found stuck to my belly that morning with a message on it.

The piece of tape either came from the new t-shirt I was wearing, or it was put there by an "angel".

The first part of the message was pretty funny:


What do you think that could mean? put it backwards:


now, an H is like a sideways I:



Now, this is interesting because the T-shirt I was wearing was one of the new Avril Lavigne Foundation T-Shirts I got from supporting her charity.

So, either Avril Lavigne sent me a t-shirt secret message with a potential meaning of "wife" attached to it, or there's an angel who stuck the message to me. Either are possibilities as far as I'm concerned.

I also figured out this much:

With the scratched out 15 and the 16:2:::::

D&C 15:2 and D&C 16:2 are the exact same verse. They say the exact same thing. I did not know that before this tape came along, so that's pretty interesting.

SO::::: was this piece of tape planted there by The Avril Lavigne Foundation, or was it an angel?

Maybe the rest of the message is a clue:

I don't know what "FT" or "pF" stand for, but 141-43 might be a reference to Genesis Chapters 41-43 - which refers to Joseph interpreting dreams of the people around him while he's in prison,

while D&C 120 and D&C 128, one involves an appearance of The LORD in the Kirtland Temple while the other deals with baptisms for the dead.

SO:::::: It does seem unlikely that The Avril Lavigne foundation would send me this message as a secret message taped to a shirt I would wear to bed ----

So, chances are it's an angel.

The funny thing about this is that at the end of The Book of Finch I talk about how I heard a psychic communication tell me my wife/companion is in the netherworld, like a spirit world maybe --------

This does seem realistic to me because of all the cuddles I've received from the invisible person all my life ------ yes, back in my early 20's, I was commonly being hugged and cuddled etc by someone who wasn't actually there.

Maybe this is a message from her. Maybe she likes me and wants to keep me to herself. Who knows.

Whatever the case::: It came in my sleep and it has something to do with "WIFE".

Is it an angel woman who wants me to herself, or is it God telling me to find someone? I'm thinking considering all my previous experiences with invisible cuddles, there's an invisible woman who wants me to herself.

And yes --- I've been told I'm crazy for this sort of belief ---- except I believed in Ghosts and Angels long before I knew for a fact they existed --- I believed it came true, I know what I know, and well, if I never reproduce with a real woman, then that's better for the world if I'm really just crazy I guess.

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