Sunday, January 24, 2016

Update for ICBM in the works

For the past few weeks I've had ICBM unavailable from distribution because the D-Pad didn't work on Razer's Serval controller on the Forge.

Well, today I decided to do a search on Google to see if there was a way to fix that.

And my search discovered that the ODK has always been very finicky about the D-Pad, and therefore it's understandable why the D-Pad on a non-OUYA controller might not work so well ---

So, I decided to get off my butt (and back down on my butt to sit at the computer/Forge setup) and develop a fix for my game. So, ICBM has been worked on in the past hours, by myself, and the game is going to change a bit (so it doesn't use the DPad), but it should be the game we all know and love more or less anyway.

There's still some more work to be done, such as to update the in-game documentation about controller changes, but I'll get there.

I don't normally get to have OUYA game time or OUYA game nights with friends, because I live under a rock and am a bit of a loner --- but I have an OUYA game night scheduled in the next week, so I should be able to beta test this new version then, and get it ready for approval and distribution.

So, I've made some changes, and we can likely expect ICBM to make a come-back. Maybe it'll even be released on MOJO as well.

So much fun. Hah. :)

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