Sunday, January 31, 2016

Unrealistic Spams that play on my hopes and dreams?

So, over the past month or two or three I've received probably at least several emails (including one or two new ones since the last report) that claim to be from famous people --- and I consider the name a famous name if I recognize it, or if it can be found on Wikipedia.

Anyway, today I look at my spambox and find this email that tells me "A Millionaire in your area wants to date you!"

OK then. Huh.

So either I've got a bunch of sleazy and fraudulent Spams emailing me that play on my hopes and dreams,

Or someone out there at least cares a bit about me, and is trying to make me feel better somehow.

Technically, receiving a bunch of email from famous people might be the sort of thing that would make me feel better, and if these famous people are sending me gifts (as they say they are) that helps me feel better about not getting paid,

but because of the nature of all these emails receive, I have a lingering suspicion that it's all just spam.

How realistic is it that a millionaire would want to date me?

Well, maybe there's Avril Lavigne. Who knows who else might want to do that. This is just speculation though.

Who knows, maybe Avril Lavigne is behind all this spam (speculation). I mean, she's like the one person who knew about that email address, and nobody else I know is likely (in the realization of my mind) to send email like this to me.

Not sure what else to say. Just got some interesting email, but it might all just be spam. Hmm.

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