Friday, January 8, 2016

Slowing or even winding down operations

It's no secret that developers found making money on OUYA to be a nearly impossible endeavour, and trying to sell my books was even worse.

Maybe my products were too sucky to entice most people to spend $0.99 on me. This operation of publishing books and videogames is not financially viable as a business for me to succeed in.

I spent thousands of dollars to get started as a book publisher and spent a long time working on my projects (including experience and getting educated), and well, though I expended much, most people weren't willing to pay anything for what I did.

I had fun writing videogames. I think I accomplished something good by writing my books.

But as things are right now, I am not really working on that stuff anymore. Maybe I'll rant on my blog about stuff, but the lack of money incoming is inspiring me to focus my attentions elsewhere.

I had an idea for a videogame, not that it's a really special idea, it would have just been fun to make and maybe try to sell ---- but I'm putting that on hold.  Maybe, maybe some day, if I get things together, I might start work on that project, but that's not happening right now or for a long while.

I was working on another book, to describe some more cool stuff that happened, but publishing this book is looking very pointless at this point, especially as I know I'm not likely to sell much of anything.

Is money the whole purpose for writing books or making videogames? No, of course not, but I grew up poor, so I've been wanting to earn, and as I said at the beginning of my first book, I was doing this for profit.

Anyway, I've found that engaging in the entirely self-serving work of stock and bond investment is a far more lucrative area of putting my attention than actually trying to serve others was.

With my current investment situation, I get the equivalent of selling 21 videogames every month --- and 21 video games every month is unheard of for me! If I could sell one or two videogames in a month I would have been happy.

So yeah::: Money is used to exchange goods and services, and I've found I can't make money by actually working --- I make my money through selfish and self-serving investments.

I think that's sad, but hey ---- maybe my products really did suck.

Where was I going with this?

Sorry, I'm all distracted as I write this post --- I first started writing this post on my Ubuntu 15.10, but that computer crashed two more times on blogger, so I went to a different room to use my Mac ---- and now I'm not sure where I'm going with this post. Hah. :)

So, yeah, I couldn't make money actually working, so I'm thinking I'll lay off that for a while ----

I'm making money with investing, so that's more deserving of my attention.

I'm losing reason to be in the public eye. Avril Lavigne was definitely my encouragement/inspiration to go public --- but I'm thinking less and less about her.

I'm just enjoying my life. Have little purpose to be very public anymore. Maybe I'll write on my blog and maybe post youtube videos, but really, yeah, I've already said it ---- working to sell things didn't work.

I'm surrounded by distractions as I write this. I guess now is a good time to stop.

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