Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Thoughts

I tried some work on my ICBM videogame this evening, and was unsuccessful at solving a problem. So, maybe I will remove ICBM from distribution as it doesn't work totally properly on anything but the old obsolete OUYA system.

I also lay in bed and watched some Youtube, but then my mind wandered as I watched the videos and I thought about the loss of my friend, Annie Liability (fake name), back in 2001.

Either the Liabilitys were told not to talk to me, or they decided to not talk to me. They were angry for who knows what reason.

My Bishop told me I had to forgive the Liabilitys but then told me to not talk to them anymore.

There is something completely wrong with that.

According to LDS Prophet Spencer W Kimball, if I really truly forgave the Liabilitys, then we'd still be friends, we'd still be exchanging emails.

This means that either the Liabilitys were angry with me and never really forgave me, or someone is pulling strings and destroyed our friendship.

The sad thing is, on numerous occasions in my life in the LDS church, I had been threatened with this idea that I am absolutely required to forgive an offender, or else I will face the greater condemnation for the greater sin.

I'm always threatened with the greater condemnation if I don't forgive, yet the Liabilitys were angry at me and never discussed it with me and ceased communications --- which means they didn't forgive, but as far as I'm aware they were forgiven of their unforgiveness rather than harshly condemned for their anger.

It's so strange how I'm always threatened, forcing me to forgive, while the Liabilitys were angry at me and won't talk to me and yet they were just let off the hook - as if the same rules didn't apply to both of us, which is a double standard and is not scriptural as far as I know.

Actually, Annie Liability did say she forgave me. But there are two problems here: I'M STILL NOT SURE HOW I WRONGED HER OR THEM --- so they forgave me of a vague non-defined offence. And the one offence they mentioned against me to my parents wasn't true. And they told Annie herself it was my parents' decision (which my parents deny).

Anyway, not only did she forgive me of something I don't know what it was ---- but they or she won't talk to me anymore ---- which means they didn't sincerely forgive me.

It's sad and strange how I'm unforgiven of an unspecified crime, and they claim to forgive me and I'm told to forgive them, yet we aren't allowed to talk to each other anymore.

Why is that? Spencer W Kimball said you have to be friends and keep talking if you truly sincerely forgive someone, and if you don't truly sincerely forgive then you are seriously condemned anyway (just pretending to forgive is not good enough).

So::: I was given self-contradictory instructions by an LDS Bishop, and the Liabilitys never forgave me of an unspecified crime or sin yet they never faced the greater condemnation even though I'm always threatened with the greater condemnation if I don't forgive.

Sounds like the church is a bunch of garbage at that point.


As I was writing this article, my Ubuntu 15.10 did crash. Darn.

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