Monday, January 11, 2016

Is Apple Music Watching Me?

A couple of nights ago, I turned on Beats 1 on Apple Music, and listened to a few songs ---- I think it was the second song that was really weird and it was so strange how such a weird song could be related so personally to me in my own life.  And then two songs after that there was another song which could also be seen to have some relationship to me in my own life.

Well, last night some stuff happened, and this morning I sent Avril Lavigne a message about it - to let her know what I'm thinking as well as remind her to do something she's supposed to do - and then this afternoon I told Siri on my new Apple Watch to "play jazz radio" ---

I often play Jazz, but now the Jazz radio isn't playing the same old stuff it usually plays --- maybe Siri misunderstood me, but this "Jazz" is different, and it's played 4 songs by the same artist in a row, and I'm not sure why as I'm pretty sure I asked Siri for Jazz Radio ---- and the name of the artist and the topic seems related to this mornings email to Avril.

Is it just my own brain that's coming up with this theory that I'm being watched? I mean - I just see these comparisons I can make between my life or my recent life and what I just got on the radio ---- and this is no different than hearing Sk8er Boi and being able to relate it to my own experience 14 years ago.


And yay --- I'm now trying Chromium on Ubuntu 15.10, and as I wrote this post - the computer didn't crash! That's a good sign.

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