Saturday, January 30, 2016

How do/should I/we really define God, Morality, Religion, LIfe the Universe and Everything?

Youtube has been showing me a lot of videos lately that tell me how wrong Christianity is, how wrong God is, how wrong religious Moral thought is ---

I believe in hearing all the viewpoints, so I listen to these viewpoints that cast aside anything Magical or Supernatural about LIfe the Universe and Everything.

These arguments SEEM sound, as their creators are trying to be as convincing as possible ---- except from my personal experience, I KNOW there's something more out there. I can accept the idea that Man/The Bible might somehow misrepresent God or Morality, but I don't cast aside God and Spirituality because I have real personal experience with it.

So, if anything, I watch these Youtube videos just to learn opposing viewpoints,

So::: How do I know there really is something more out there?

Just a couple nights ago, I was thinking some joking thoughts about how I could become a Tomboy Transgender Lesbian with a penis, and all of the sudden a spiritual voice comes alive in my head, which I assumed to be the Holy Ghost, who wanted to discuss these thoughts with me.

I immediately decided to ask "the Holy Ghost" to play a game with me:: I opened up Telepathy Zero on my iPad and asked this voice in my head to tell me the right answers to the guessing game.

I get a 5 streak. I get a 6 streak. I mean, just by listening to a disembodied voice in my head --- I was getting pretty consistent right answers.

The odds of getting a five sreak and a six streak are both under 0.5%, but if that 5 streak and 6 streak had been consecutive, the 11 streak would have been odds of 1:177147.

Yup. Basically, the odds of guessing so well in telepathy zero are so unlikely, that you'd have to play the game many times over before having the slightest hope of maybe achieving an 11 streak.

And if it wasn't for one thought miss-guess, I would have had an 11 or 12 streak, but instead got a 5 streak and a 6 streak, all within a very short period of time.

So::: From this experience alone I KNOW that there is a magical disembodied voice out there that can tell me things TRUTHFULLY.

What is the real and true explanation for this?

Like, in the Book of Finch I tell the true story of how I heard a similar disembodied thought voice tell me "That bird is dead!".  Lo and behold, my familly's pet zebra finch was found dead later that day.

So really, regardless of all the atheist's arguments against God, I can not agree. I just know from experience that a disembodied voice that I can hear in my mind is capable of telling me things I would not have otherwise known.

So, it does seem like a downer that Youtube would push ideas on me that contradict something I know for a fact about, even in a scientific sense --- but, I guess, I have to stay notified or informed about other people's viewpoints, I guess.

An atheist might scoff at the things I say, but I am being bluntly honest about my experiences: I can ask "God" to do things and many times he has specifically agreed and obeyed my idea. He tells me things I would and should not have otherwise known.

So: I know there is something more out there, and the best these "atheist" videos do for me is give me any sense of suspicion that what preceded my experience in this life in the spiritual world may have been entirely flawed.

I can only look to the future, and develop my spiritual experience to hopefully learn the actual truth, because the atheists make it clear that what came before might not be trustworthy.

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