Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Famous TV Show Similarities

Back in the 2000's, for years over and over again I would see what appeared to be references to myself in popular media.

In more recent years, these references have either become "commonplace" for me so maybe I don't notice them, or maybe they've been dying down ----

but whatever the case, with me in my state of distress back then it was probably helpful that the media took concern over my case and made representations of things involving me in the media.

Anyway, I was just watching this old TV Show I've never watched before (OK, I've started watching the show on Netflix, but when the show was running I didn't watch it - but I'm enjoying it now) and I got to this episode which very much seems to be designed around using me as a reference.

OK::: Yes::: One of the Characters in the episode is actually named after me: Kristian or Christian.

Yes::: The episode does relate to Max Payne and/or The Number 23 movie. Which is interesting because this tv episode is from 2005 while The Number 23 was released in 2007. But, I suppose, the interesting things that happened came before this TV episode was made.

This episode even seems to predict the nature of a poem I would write in the future.

This episode seems to discuss this idea or suspicion that I had relations with Annie Liability, and that she even might've accused me of doing something unbecoming (which I have suspected for years but am only mentioning here because it is directly referenced in the TV episode). It even includes the way I deny such relations. And yes, I deny the relations because there were none.

Anyway, so yeah, according to this TV Episode ---- and according to what I have gathered from much information over the years, I was either accused of Fornicating or Raping Annie Liability.

I mean, even YOUTUBE for the past months has been showing me videos about things like men being falsely accused of rape, so it's not like Google didn't know that about me.

But yes, it appears, according to all the information I have gathered over the years, that I was accused of rape behind my back and people wouldn't tell me about it and I will make this statement here:


So yeah, as far as I know I was prevented from being friends with Avril Lavigne because I was falsely accusing of having unbecoming relations with Annie Liability. And yes -- it should be no wonder that I was so angry for so long seeing as how I lost a great opportunity just because people bear false witness.

Anyway ----- To me, from what I saw in this episode, it was the same type of stuff I saw in the media for years, discussing me and my life in certain various artistic portrayals.

yes - this episode was that way like The Number 23 relates to me, and this episode of the TV show even discusses, apparently, the future coming of The Number 23 movie.

Wow eh?

But yes ---- If God told me to be with Avril Lavigne, and if she's like the greatest thing to ever happen to me --- and then it gets all shut down over a false accusation that I wasn't told about to my face --- yes that pissed me off.

And yes, I knew about the accusation ONLY because of my telepathy (and from seeing how people interacted with me), and it was a real downer when the psychiatric doctors wouldn't even let me believe in the telepathy even though it was provable, so yeah, that set me back a few years.


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