Sunday, January 10, 2016

Being Fair to the Mormons

I know I've ranted a lot about how much I've grown to dislike the Mormons ---- but sometimes I look at them and am capable of having at least a little bit of a positive attitude towards them.

This is going to be a Mormon positive post, to tell the truth about why I sometimes like them and to try to even out all my criticisms.

1) Some Mormons are very nice and good people. Hands down, the Mormon church is capable of producing some of the nicest, and best quality people you might ever meet. However, this doesn't mean that all Mormons turn out that way.

2) Joseph Smith Jr actually did have some good teachings ---- my problems were that the church wasn't actually following the actual good teachings Joesph Smith did bring up.

OK --- So some of the historical things about Joseph Smith and Mormon doctrine can be found to be questionable on so many levels I'm sure...

But when I think about my time in the church, I realized that if certain rules had actually been followed by those in charge, I would not have come out with such a negative outlook.

Joseph Smith taught in the D&C "Cease to find fault one with another".  This is a KEY teaching ----- this teaching is actually very beautiful, it goes well with the requirement to forgive everyone.

The problem is, certain church members and church leaders in my local ward were very adept at finding fault with things. It could be overactive hormones, caffeine, language, entertainment ---- I mean, there were all kinds of very small things you might do which some Mormon people are very adept at criticizing. The problem is ---- Joseph Smith would not have approved of that critical behaviour.

I'm trying to show the difference between what Joseph Smith actually taught versus how the Mormons actually turned out. It could actually said that Joseph Smith himself is about a thousand times better than some of these LDS Mormon individuals.... and then the critics can't help but even tear down Joseph Smith ---- so really, at some point, there's nothing to believe in anymore, but that's a side point.


Mormon can be some of the best and nicest people. Joseph Smith taught good things that the Mormon people, including modern leaders, don't actually follow.

Like ---- I think Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ made it very clear that murder and blasphemy against the holy ghost are the only unforgivable sins -----

but in my local church, they were requiring forgiveness of murder and blasphemy against the HG, while criticizing and condemning very small and essentially harmless practices such as drinking Caffeine.

Basically, the LDS church as I experienced it probably isn't what it was actually supposed to be according to Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith did one thing, and people went and did the opposite. So, for the fact that Joseph Smith gave some good council, I can give props to the Mormon church ---- it's just that some people including leaders weren't choosing the right.

As for when leaders choose the wrong, the quality of the whole organization seems very much really diminished when the guy who is in charge who everyone is obeying is not making right choices. It smears the whole organization to have a Bishop or Stake President make blatantly and clearly wrong choices --- so that's where the Mormons are at today.

There might've been one more thing I wanted to say, but I appear to have forgotten what it was. Oh well.

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