Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Problem with Pfhonge

When I first started using Pfhonge on Forge, the game seemed to run just fine - it was great.

But I first started noticing a certain problem when I tried the game after I installed the other Pong game that is available on the system.

This problem isn't too much of a problem if you paid for Pfhonge, having not paid for Pfhonge it might be a bit more of a problem (so if you do want to play the game - pay up because this issue could hurt unpaid users, in a way)...

Anyway, Pfhonge works on OUYA. Pfhonge works on MOJO. But it appears to have a little problem on the Forge.

So, today I worked out a fix for the game. The debug compile of the new version worked flawlessly --- the game runs just fine. But with very little different aside from using the signing key and compiling the release version --- well the release version I compiled with this fix goes back to having the same old problem the game had before.

No idea. Really, no idea anymore. A problem just magically shows up, I fix it in the debug compile, but the problem remains in the release compile.

Well, I guess it really is my time to exit the videogame business. I wasn't making enough money, and some of these problems are becoming too difficult for my untrained skill to fix.

I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about not earning much either --- in Pfhonge and ICBM the problems on the newer systems are getting unfixable to me, so why I should i be paid for releasing games that I can't support very well on the new hardware?

So, ICBM had problems on MOJO and Forge, and I couldn't figure it out, so the game is discontinued.

Pfhonge will continue, but unless I really do find a fix from a slothful effort, it'll probably just have this little problem on the Forge forever.

My Unity games are fine though.

Another thing: on another game console I've been playing this one game that is really quite engaging and gives hours of entertainment ------ I am no where near that skilled at developing videogames. It's probably best if I call it quits.

My games were more engaging to someone who wanted a quick gaming fix --- simple games.

But the OUYA/MOJO/Forge is a great environment because it gives Developers options for developing console titles, as well as it gives gamers lower-cost options for some still-pretty-fun-games. Yay! :)

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