Sunday, January 31, 2016

Unrealistic Spams that play on my hopes and dreams?

So, over the past month or two or three I've received probably at least several emails (including one or two new ones since the last report) that claim to be from famous people --- and I consider the name a famous name if I recognize it, or if it can be found on Wikipedia.

Anyway, today I look at my spambox and find this email that tells me "A Millionaire in your area wants to date you!"

OK then. Huh.

So either I've got a bunch of sleazy and fraudulent Spams emailing me that play on my hopes and dreams,

Or someone out there at least cares a bit about me, and is trying to make me feel better somehow.

Technically, receiving a bunch of email from famous people might be the sort of thing that would make me feel better, and if these famous people are sending me gifts (as they say they are) that helps me feel better about not getting paid,

but because of the nature of all these emails receive, I have a lingering suspicion that it's all just spam.

How realistic is it that a millionaire would want to date me?

Well, maybe there's Avril Lavigne. Who knows who else might want to do that. This is just speculation though.

Who knows, maybe Avril Lavigne is behind all this spam (speculation). I mean, she's like the one person who knew about that email address, and nobody else I know is likely (in the realization of my mind) to send email like this to me.

Not sure what else to say. Just got some interesting email, but it might all just be spam. Hmm.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

How do/should I/we really define God, Morality, Religion, LIfe the Universe and Everything?

Youtube has been showing me a lot of videos lately that tell me how wrong Christianity is, how wrong God is, how wrong religious Moral thought is ---

I believe in hearing all the viewpoints, so I listen to these viewpoints that cast aside anything Magical or Supernatural about LIfe the Universe and Everything.

These arguments SEEM sound, as their creators are trying to be as convincing as possible ---- except from my personal experience, I KNOW there's something more out there. I can accept the idea that Man/The Bible might somehow misrepresent God or Morality, but I don't cast aside God and Spirituality because I have real personal experience with it.

So, if anything, I watch these Youtube videos just to learn opposing viewpoints,

So::: How do I know there really is something more out there?

Just a couple nights ago, I was thinking some joking thoughts about how I could become a Tomboy Transgender Lesbian with a penis, and all of the sudden a spiritual voice comes alive in my head, which I assumed to be the Holy Ghost, who wanted to discuss these thoughts with me.

I immediately decided to ask "the Holy Ghost" to play a game with me:: I opened up Telepathy Zero on my iPad and asked this voice in my head to tell me the right answers to the guessing game.

I get a 5 streak. I get a 6 streak. I mean, just by listening to a disembodied voice in my head --- I was getting pretty consistent right answers.

The odds of getting a five sreak and a six streak are both under 0.5%, but if that 5 streak and 6 streak had been consecutive, the 11 streak would have been odds of 1:177147.

Yup. Basically, the odds of guessing so well in telepathy zero are so unlikely, that you'd have to play the game many times over before having the slightest hope of maybe achieving an 11 streak.

And if it wasn't for one thought miss-guess, I would have had an 11 or 12 streak, but instead got a 5 streak and a 6 streak, all within a very short period of time.

So::: From this experience alone I KNOW that there is a magical disembodied voice out there that can tell me things TRUTHFULLY.

What is the real and true explanation for this?

Like, in the Book of Finch I tell the true story of how I heard a similar disembodied thought voice tell me "That bird is dead!".  Lo and behold, my familly's pet zebra finch was found dead later that day.

So really, regardless of all the atheist's arguments against God, I can not agree. I just know from experience that a disembodied voice that I can hear in my mind is capable of telling me things I would not have otherwise known.

So, it does seem like a downer that Youtube would push ideas on me that contradict something I know for a fact about, even in a scientific sense --- but, I guess, I have to stay notified or informed about other people's viewpoints, I guess.

An atheist might scoff at the things I say, but I am being bluntly honest about my experiences: I can ask "God" to do things and many times he has specifically agreed and obeyed my idea. He tells me things I would and should not have otherwise known.

So: I know there is something more out there, and the best these "atheist" videos do for me is give me any sense of suspicion that what preceded my experience in this life in the spiritual world may have been entirely flawed.

I can only look to the future, and develop my spiritual experience to hopefully learn the actual truth, because the atheists make it clear that what came before might not be trustworthy.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Discussing Social Networks with my Dad

My Dad is a bit paranoid. He has ideas that people are deliberately persecuting him over and over again from time to time, and basically for as long as I can remember my Dad has always been very protectively-safety-oriented-and-paranoid-of-just-about-anyone-he-might-ever-have-the-slightest-contact-with.

That's the most basic and easy/simple way I can express my Dad's paranoia about anyone I might come in contact with. He has paranoid persecution complexes, which have only been enhanced by how shitty people in the LDS church did actually treat me and him.

Like, if you are a girl who likes me and you send me an email, if I tell my Dad about it, his paranoia-alarm-bells will automatically go off. Basically, in my Dad's world, it almost seems like nobody can be trusted.

Like, years ago I was chatting with someone on Avril Lavigne's meebo chatroom, and when I told my Dad about it his paranoid alarm bells went off and he was demanding of me that I tell him the true identity of the person I was talking to - as if he thought I could pull a name out of thin air with absolute certainty. I mean, it was unrealistic for him to demand that of me, as most people who hide their true ID's aren't likely to start talking about their true IDs, but anyway, fact was, I couldn't tell my Dad about a conversation online without him becoming paranoid and demanding that I find out that person's actual identity somehow.

Yeah, it's sad really.

Anyway, someone started following me on Twitter today -- I look at their information on their account, and to summarise this person claims to be a very, very creative mind or talent.

I told my Dad about it. Automatically: this Twitter ID cannot be trusted and I shouldn't talk to him if he asks for my credit card number (as if some random guy on Twitter with a creative profile was likely to ask me for my credit card).

Anyway, I was talking to my Dad about how a lot of seemingly creative minds have been following me on twitter in the past months, and my Dad, still had this idea that everyone who follows me is dishonest about who they claim to be - that they are all scams.

I think it's getting ridiculous at this point. What's the likelihood that everyone I interact with online is just  scam? Not very I think. I think a lot of people are probably honest and legit.

Anyway, I then explained to my Dad that it was very interesting that I did actually get very legitimate looking email from a very legitimate looking publisher from BEVERLY HILLS CALIFORNIA in the past week or two, and he was about to believe this was a scam too except I assured him I was pretty sure this one was legit.

And then I explained to him, " what is the likelihood that all these creative minds would follow me on Twitter, combined with emails that claim to be from famous people, plus a Beverly Hills Publishing company emailing me out of the blue?"

At this point, my Dad recognize that it might be a scam, or it even might be real that people are finding out about me in creative entertainment circles.

So, yeah, I'm basically looking at a situation where either I've got all kinds of very creative minds contacting me, or there is a very elaborate hoax out there that is bombarding me with frauds that claim to be from creative minds.

I'm glad my Dad stopped saying it's an automatic scam, he accepted there might be a reality to it at a certain point.

yay. I think that's the point of this message:::: My Dad is extremely paranoid now that i think about it, but with a whole bunch of creative type people sending little bits of contact to me, he's willing to accept there might be a reality here.

There you go. Someone out there knows about me, and it can be explained and is not unlikely.

I'd say it's actually a small chance that every single one of these contacts is from some kind of scam conspiracy, I'd say at this point that most of these people are likely real.

I mean, the real lynch-pin here is that this email from Beverly Hills didn't just come out of no where - and it does look very legitimate.

So, it's exciting. And yeah, my Dad is extremely paranoid, and he has finally accepted that some people might not be scams.

And that much about my Dad is kind of sad actually. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ICBM is back!

ICBM v1.5.0 is now back and available for distribution on Forge Cortex and OUYA Discover. What fun. I had fun with it, with my family. Just make sure you read the rules so you can understand the ruleset behind the strategy you have to develop to win. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Famous TV Show Similarities

Back in the 2000's, for years over and over again I would see what appeared to be references to myself in popular media.

In more recent years, these references have either become "commonplace" for me so maybe I don't notice them, or maybe they've been dying down ----

but whatever the case, with me in my state of distress back then it was probably helpful that the media took concern over my case and made representations of things involving me in the media.

Anyway, I was just watching this old TV Show I've never watched before (OK, I've started watching the show on Netflix, but when the show was running I didn't watch it - but I'm enjoying it now) and I got to this episode which very much seems to be designed around using me as a reference.

OK::: Yes::: One of the Characters in the episode is actually named after me: Kristian or Christian.

Yes::: The episode does relate to Max Payne and/or The Number 23 movie. Which is interesting because this tv episode is from 2005 while The Number 23 was released in 2007. But, I suppose, the interesting things that happened came before this TV episode was made.

This episode even seems to predict the nature of a poem I would write in the future.

This episode seems to discuss this idea or suspicion that I had relations with Annie Liability, and that she even might've accused me of doing something unbecoming (which I have suspected for years but am only mentioning here because it is directly referenced in the TV episode). It even includes the way I deny such relations. And yes, I deny the relations because there were none.

Anyway, so yeah, according to this TV Episode ---- and according to what I have gathered from much information over the years, I was either accused of Fornicating or Raping Annie Liability.

I mean, even YOUTUBE for the past months has been showing me videos about things like men being falsely accused of rape, so it's not like Google didn't know that about me.

But yes, it appears, according to all the information I have gathered over the years, that I was accused of rape behind my back and people wouldn't tell me about it and I will make this statement here:


So yeah, as far as I know I was prevented from being friends with Avril Lavigne because I was falsely accusing of having unbecoming relations with Annie Liability. And yes -- it should be no wonder that I was so angry for so long seeing as how I lost a great opportunity just because people bear false witness.

Anyway ----- To me, from what I saw in this episode, it was the same type of stuff I saw in the media for years, discussing me and my life in certain various artistic portrayals.

yes - this episode was that way like The Number 23 relates to me, and this episode of the TV show even discusses, apparently, the future coming of The Number 23 movie.

Wow eh?

But yes ---- If God told me to be with Avril Lavigne, and if she's like the greatest thing to ever happen to me --- and then it gets all shut down over a false accusation that I wasn't told about to my face --- yes that pissed me off.

And yes, I knew about the accusation ONLY because of my telepathy (and from seeing how people interacted with me), and it was a real downer when the psychiatric doctors wouldn't even let me believe in the telepathy even though it was provable, so yeah, that set me back a few years.


Giving me free stuff

So, as I've mentioned on this blog, I've gotten emails that claim to be from some famous people.

According to these emails, these famous people are trying to give me things like gift cards or gift card codes --- but the few links I've tried to click on didn't work.

I got yet another "famous person" email today trying to give me another gift card or gift code.

Well, the tradition continues some more::: I logged into Cortex on my Forge today, and was greeted by a pop-up-screen that said I'm being granted the free full-game entitlement to a certain game.

It's not unheard of for OUYA/Cortex to give away free games, but this would be my first free entitlement --- but there was a problem::::

I suppose I was supposed to press A while the game icon was highlighted in the pop-up because I went straight to the OK button and when I checked to see if I got the entitlement, I didn't.

The instructions on claiming the entitlement weren't clear, and now I've lost my opportunity.

But, at least, it seems nice to know that people are trying to give me stuff.

I mean, if famous people really are trying to give me gift cards to certain stores and stuff: wow, that's great, great to be recognized for my effort,

but there's a possibility that's a scam and it doesn't work anyway the few times I tried to accept.

And Cortex tried to give me something for free but that didn't work either. Hmmm.

Oh well, it's the thought that counts right now I guess. :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Did some Beta Testing, update on the way

So, it turned out I didn't have to wait a week to get some beta testing on the new version of ICBM --- I managed to get some beta testing this evening, found the bugs I was looking for, and fixed them.

If all goes well, we can expect version 1.5.0 of The Inter-Continental Brink of Madness to arrive in just a few days, maybe Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. We'll see.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Update for ICBM in the works

For the past few weeks I've had ICBM unavailable from distribution because the D-Pad didn't work on Razer's Serval controller on the Forge.

Well, today I decided to do a search on Google to see if there was a way to fix that.

And my search discovered that the ODK has always been very finicky about the D-Pad, and therefore it's understandable why the D-Pad on a non-OUYA controller might not work so well ---

So, I decided to get off my butt (and back down on my butt to sit at the computer/Forge setup) and develop a fix for my game. So, ICBM has been worked on in the past hours, by myself, and the game is going to change a bit (so it doesn't use the DPad), but it should be the game we all know and love more or less anyway.

There's still some more work to be done, such as to update the in-game documentation about controller changes, but I'll get there.

I don't normally get to have OUYA game time or OUYA game nights with friends, because I live under a rock and am a bit of a loner --- but I have an OUYA game night scheduled in the next week, so I should be able to beta test this new version then, and get it ready for approval and distribution.

So, I've made some changes, and we can likely expect ICBM to make a come-back. Maybe it'll even be released on MOJO as well.

So much fun. Hah. :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

More Email

So I've gotten emails in the past weeks that claim to be from famous people, and over the past months there have been various females who want to befriend/date me who send me email.

I was willing to accept that the famous people were scams and these women were too expensive for me ----

then this morning I got another email --- from a book publisher ---- legitimate looking email from a legitimate book publisher ----- from Beverly Hills California.


I look at their website, and I don't see how any regular person could have signed me up for this.

I didn't ask for it, but someone did ask for this for me -----

It's intriguing.

The one person I have any contact with who lives anywhere near that part of the world is Avril Lavigne. And well, word spreads I'm sure.

I wonder.

My dad suspected some day I might get a nice surprise --- and now I am wondering what's going on.

I would think it probably has something to do with Avril Lavigne. I don't exactly see how or why this would happen unless Avril Lavigne was somehow involved.

And that makes it exciting.

I would really have to wonder about the cause of this connection if it actually had nothing to do with Avril. So it probably involves Avril. Hah. :) Just my suspicion, considering she's the only person I talk to in that area.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Version Released

So, Pfhonge version 2.0.17 is available for download now.

The game now starts up properly every time as far as I know. Yay.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trying to Fix Pfhonge

So I sat down an hour or two ago, looking at Pfhonge on my Forge, and thought of a way I could try to fix the game ----

Lo and behold: THE FIX WORKED!!!!

But then a new problem, though not a very big problem, appeared. It's going to take some more time to figure this out, I think. Sorry guys. (not that many or anyone actually cares about my little piece of entertainment, but anyway).


I figured out the fix for the little problem I encountered, and I've uploaded the new version to Cortex for hopeful approval and release.

And testing still indicates that the fix is still working, so that's a good thing. Yay! :)

I'm so smart.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Heartbroken over a female friendshipper

Today I found I had an email.

It was from a girl, another girl who is looking for love.

From her email, she seems inviting, and her picture is pretty.

Deep down inside, there's a part of me that would want to take this girl up on her invitation to date me. I was talking to God recently about how it seems like I'll never reproduce and how you'd think I should've reproduced with how smart I was and how hard I work--- I was talking to God about how natural selection appears to be stopping me from having children.

So, anyway, if it was a concern on my mind that I'd never have children, perhaps God responded by having this girl write me an email inviting a date.

Yes --- deep down inside I would want to take this girl up on her offer, in my heart I think I would be capable of having such a relationship -----

But I already tried this once, a girl in email trying to fall in love. And I couldn't do it. Beyond paranoid reasons of why I can't just be with a girl from a different country, I also would have extreme difficulty affording it.

If the girl in this email isn't local, and she probably isn't, then the expense of dating her would be enough to set me back a while, only for a potential relationship that has an inborn chance of failing.

My budget is tight --- and I know I have to save up much if I ever want to move out of my parents' basement. A relationship seems good, but could I really afford it - and would I be able to get it past my parents?

Anyway, in my heart, I think I could fall in love again, and this girl looks to be just great for that sort of thing ------ but I am heartbroken as I think about it because for so many reasons I already know it might not work out.

I mean, I don't even want to respond to make the attempt --- and that does break my heart ---- and I feel bad to reject this girl.

I would probably want to take this girl up on her offer ----- but I don't get paid enough, is the most basic reason why I can't.


In other news, I was telling my parents about how that statement by some people that "When God closes a door he opens a window" seems to be applying in my life::::

I tried to sell books and video games for the hope that I could make money to buy my own place, and people took my work and didn't pay anything - so God closed that door. But, God opened a window by crashing the local economy, and now there are many dwellings becoming available at lower and lower prices ----- so eventually with enough saving, if the market stays this way or gets better, I would or will eventually be able to buy a home --- maybe or probably.

So, before it was completely out of reach for me to have my own place. God closed a door when people didn't buy my work. But he opened a window by crashing the economy, making it "easier" to find a place to buy on my income and budget. yay!

And yeah, I feel bad that I can't just take this girl up on her offer and go on a date with her. It is heartbreaking. Deep down I feel I could be her friend, but realistically I know it's probably not worth trying. Ugh.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Tried another fix: same result (Pfhonge)

So, I did something a bit more to try and fix Pfhonge on Forge --- but got the same result as last time.

The fix worked at first, the game ran just fine in the debug version, but after multiple subsequent tests the fix broke. I really don't know right now.

It does work, it just doesn't stay working.

Well, at least it functions "well enough" --- if someone likes the game, they'll pay for it, and the problem isn't too much of a problem. If they don't like the game, then it's just business as usual. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Problem with Pfhonge

When I first started using Pfhonge on Forge, the game seemed to run just fine - it was great.

But I first started noticing a certain problem when I tried the game after I installed the other Pong game that is available on the system.

This problem isn't too much of a problem if you paid for Pfhonge, having not paid for Pfhonge it might be a bit more of a problem (so if you do want to play the game - pay up because this issue could hurt unpaid users, in a way)...

Anyway, Pfhonge works on OUYA. Pfhonge works on MOJO. But it appears to have a little problem on the Forge.

So, today I worked out a fix for the game. The debug compile of the new version worked flawlessly --- the game runs just fine. But with very little different aside from using the signing key and compiling the release version --- well the release version I compiled with this fix goes back to having the same old problem the game had before.

No idea. Really, no idea anymore. A problem just magically shows up, I fix it in the debug compile, but the problem remains in the release compile.

Well, I guess it really is my time to exit the videogame business. I wasn't making enough money, and some of these problems are becoming too difficult for my untrained skill to fix.

I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about not earning much either --- in Pfhonge and ICBM the problems on the newer systems are getting unfixable to me, so why I should i be paid for releasing games that I can't support very well on the new hardware?

So, ICBM had problems on MOJO and Forge, and I couldn't figure it out, so the game is discontinued.

Pfhonge will continue, but unless I really do find a fix from a slothful effort, it'll probably just have this little problem on the Forge forever.

My Unity games are fine though.

Another thing: on another game console I've been playing this one game that is really quite engaging and gives hours of entertainment ------ I am no where near that skilled at developing videogames. It's probably best if I call it quits.

My games were more engaging to someone who wanted a quick gaming fix --- simple games.

But the OUYA/MOJO/Forge is a great environment because it gives Developers options for developing console titles, as well as it gives gamers lower-cost options for some still-pretty-fun-games. Yay! :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Is Apple Music Watching Me?

A couple of nights ago, I turned on Beats 1 on Apple Music, and listened to a few songs ---- I think it was the second song that was really weird and it was so strange how such a weird song could be related so personally to me in my own life.  And then two songs after that there was another song which could also be seen to have some relationship to me in my own life.

Well, last night some stuff happened, and this morning I sent Avril Lavigne a message about it - to let her know what I'm thinking as well as remind her to do something she's supposed to do - and then this afternoon I told Siri on my new Apple Watch to "play jazz radio" ---

I often play Jazz, but now the Jazz radio isn't playing the same old stuff it usually plays --- maybe Siri misunderstood me, but this "Jazz" is different, and it's played 4 songs by the same artist in a row, and I'm not sure why as I'm pretty sure I asked Siri for Jazz Radio ---- and the name of the artist and the topic seems related to this mornings email to Avril.

Is it just my own brain that's coming up with this theory that I'm being watched? I mean - I just see these comparisons I can make between my life or my recent life and what I just got on the radio ---- and this is no different than hearing Sk8er Boi and being able to relate it to my own experience 14 years ago.


And yay --- I'm now trying Chromium on Ubuntu 15.10, and as I wrote this post - the computer didn't crash! That's a good sign.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Being Fair to the Mormons

I know I've ranted a lot about how much I've grown to dislike the Mormons ---- but sometimes I look at them and am capable of having at least a little bit of a positive attitude towards them.

This is going to be a Mormon positive post, to tell the truth about why I sometimes like them and to try to even out all my criticisms.

1) Some Mormons are very nice and good people. Hands down, the Mormon church is capable of producing some of the nicest, and best quality people you might ever meet. However, this doesn't mean that all Mormons turn out that way.

2) Joseph Smith Jr actually did have some good teachings ---- my problems were that the church wasn't actually following the actual good teachings Joesph Smith did bring up.

OK --- So some of the historical things about Joseph Smith and Mormon doctrine can be found to be questionable on so many levels I'm sure...

But when I think about my time in the church, I realized that if certain rules had actually been followed by those in charge, I would not have come out with such a negative outlook.

Joseph Smith taught in the D&C "Cease to find fault one with another".  This is a KEY teaching ----- this teaching is actually very beautiful, it goes well with the requirement to forgive everyone.

The problem is, certain church members and church leaders in my local ward were very adept at finding fault with things. It could be overactive hormones, caffeine, language, entertainment ---- I mean, there were all kinds of very small things you might do which some Mormon people are very adept at criticizing. The problem is ---- Joseph Smith would not have approved of that critical behaviour.

I'm trying to show the difference between what Joseph Smith actually taught versus how the Mormons actually turned out. It could actually said that Joseph Smith himself is about a thousand times better than some of these LDS Mormon individuals.... and then the critics can't help but even tear down Joseph Smith ---- so really, at some point, there's nothing to believe in anymore, but that's a side point.


Mormon can be some of the best and nicest people. Joseph Smith taught good things that the Mormon people, including modern leaders, don't actually follow.

Like ---- I think Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ made it very clear that murder and blasphemy against the holy ghost are the only unforgivable sins -----

but in my local church, they were requiring forgiveness of murder and blasphemy against the HG, while criticizing and condemning very small and essentially harmless practices such as drinking Caffeine.

Basically, the LDS church as I experienced it probably isn't what it was actually supposed to be according to Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith did one thing, and people went and did the opposite. So, for the fact that Joseph Smith gave some good council, I can give props to the Mormon church ---- it's just that some people including leaders weren't choosing the right.

As for when leaders choose the wrong, the quality of the whole organization seems very much really diminished when the guy who is in charge who everyone is obeying is not making right choices. It smears the whole organization to have a Bishop or Stake President make blatantly and clearly wrong choices --- so that's where the Mormons are at today.

There might've been one more thing I wanted to say, but I appear to have forgotten what it was. Oh well.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Slowing or even winding down operations

It's no secret that developers found making money on OUYA to be a nearly impossible endeavour, and trying to sell my books was even worse.

Maybe my products were too sucky to entice most people to spend $0.99 on me. This operation of publishing books and videogames is not financially viable as a business for me to succeed in.

I spent thousands of dollars to get started as a book publisher and spent a long time working on my projects (including experience and getting educated), and well, though I expended much, most people weren't willing to pay anything for what I did.

I had fun writing videogames. I think I accomplished something good by writing my books.

But as things are right now, I am not really working on that stuff anymore. Maybe I'll rant on my blog about stuff, but the lack of money incoming is inspiring me to focus my attentions elsewhere.

I had an idea for a videogame, not that it's a really special idea, it would have just been fun to make and maybe try to sell ---- but I'm putting that on hold.  Maybe, maybe some day, if I get things together, I might start work on that project, but that's not happening right now or for a long while.

I was working on another book, to describe some more cool stuff that happened, but publishing this book is looking very pointless at this point, especially as I know I'm not likely to sell much of anything.

Is money the whole purpose for writing books or making videogames? No, of course not, but I grew up poor, so I've been wanting to earn, and as I said at the beginning of my first book, I was doing this for profit.

Anyway, I've found that engaging in the entirely self-serving work of stock and bond investment is a far more lucrative area of putting my attention than actually trying to serve others was.

With my current investment situation, I get the equivalent of selling 21 videogames every month --- and 21 video games every month is unheard of for me! If I could sell one or two videogames in a month I would have been happy.

So yeah::: Money is used to exchange goods and services, and I've found I can't make money by actually working --- I make my money through selfish and self-serving investments.

I think that's sad, but hey ---- maybe my products really did suck.

Where was I going with this?

Sorry, I'm all distracted as I write this post --- I first started writing this post on my Ubuntu 15.10, but that computer crashed two more times on blogger, so I went to a different room to use my Mac ---- and now I'm not sure where I'm going with this post. Hah. :)

So, yeah, I couldn't make money actually working, so I'm thinking I'll lay off that for a while ----

I'm making money with investing, so that's more deserving of my attention.

I'm losing reason to be in the public eye. Avril Lavigne was definitely my encouragement/inspiration to go public --- but I'm thinking less and less about her.

I'm just enjoying my life. Have little purpose to be very public anymore. Maybe I'll write on my blog and maybe post youtube videos, but really, yeah, I've already said it ---- working to sell things didn't work.

I'm surrounded by distractions as I write this. I guess now is a good time to stop.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another Email....

Just got another email claiming to be from someone who either is or shares their name with a famous person.

At this point, I'm thinking it is all just SPAM. It seems real unlikely that 3 famous people would just come along to email me like that.

I'm thinking it's probably not legit. It's all fake. There's no way.

So, yeah, be aware::: some scammer on the internet is claiming to be famous people as he/she sends their spam.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Thoughts

I tried some work on my ICBM videogame this evening, and was unsuccessful at solving a problem. So, maybe I will remove ICBM from distribution as it doesn't work totally properly on anything but the old obsolete OUYA system.

I also lay in bed and watched some Youtube, but then my mind wandered as I watched the videos and I thought about the loss of my friend, Annie Liability (fake name), back in 2001.

Either the Liabilitys were told not to talk to me, or they decided to not talk to me. They were angry for who knows what reason.

My Bishop told me I had to forgive the Liabilitys but then told me to not talk to them anymore.

There is something completely wrong with that.

According to LDS Prophet Spencer W Kimball, if I really truly forgave the Liabilitys, then we'd still be friends, we'd still be exchanging emails.

This means that either the Liabilitys were angry with me and never really forgave me, or someone is pulling strings and destroyed our friendship.

The sad thing is, on numerous occasions in my life in the LDS church, I had been threatened with this idea that I am absolutely required to forgive an offender, or else I will face the greater condemnation for the greater sin.

I'm always threatened with the greater condemnation if I don't forgive, yet the Liabilitys were angry at me and never discussed it with me and ceased communications --- which means they didn't forgive, but as far as I'm aware they were forgiven of their unforgiveness rather than harshly condemned for their anger.

It's so strange how I'm always threatened, forcing me to forgive, while the Liabilitys were angry at me and won't talk to me and yet they were just let off the hook - as if the same rules didn't apply to both of us, which is a double standard and is not scriptural as far as I know.

Actually, Annie Liability did say she forgave me. But there are two problems here: I'M STILL NOT SURE HOW I WRONGED HER OR THEM --- so they forgave me of a vague non-defined offence. And the one offence they mentioned against me to my parents wasn't true. And they told Annie herself it was my parents' decision (which my parents deny).

Anyway, not only did she forgive me of something I don't know what it was ---- but they or she won't talk to me anymore ---- which means they didn't sincerely forgive me.

It's sad and strange how I'm unforgiven of an unspecified crime, and they claim to forgive me and I'm told to forgive them, yet we aren't allowed to talk to each other anymore.

Why is that? Spencer W Kimball said you have to be friends and keep talking if you truly sincerely forgive someone, and if you don't truly sincerely forgive then you are seriously condemned anyway (just pretending to forgive is not good enough).

So::: I was given self-contradictory instructions by an LDS Bishop, and the Liabilitys never forgave me of an unspecified crime or sin yet they never faced the greater condemnation even though I'm always threatened with the greater condemnation if I don't forgive.

Sounds like the church is a bunch of garbage at that point.


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