Thursday, December 3, 2015

This Evening's News

So, I was laying in bed, in a darkened bedroom, watching videos on Youtube, put my ipad away to sit and think ---

and I was looking around my room, when a light in my room suddenly disappeared, causing me a bit of a "perked eyebrow" about how I could have a light in my room which I didn't notice was there until it disappeared --- not knowing where the light came from or what it was.

I get a lot of lights in my bedroom. MOST of the time I assume the lights are headlights from passing cars. That is the best explanation for a lot of the lights I get.

But on some occasions, like with what I saw this evening, I'm not sure how to explain the light.

I would like to assume that there might be a visiting angel, but I don't really know. Who knows. It just perks my interest and makes me wonder -- because some of these lighting effects have been going on for YEARS now.


Youtube used to show me a lot of videos about Mormonism, and especially how wrong or disproved Mormonism is.

Now Youtube tries to show me lots of videos about atheism. I watch a bunch of them - and I do find it interesting actually.

I do believe in God, I'm sure there's someone or something out there - though I don't know the whole truth, nor do I know how to argue, nor do I want to argue, with the atheists.

I'm sure there's something out there. I can't say for certain exactly what it is though - as even I am still a little bit confused about the actual truth or definition of God. You might explain it by "trinity", but the Bible said the Holy Ghost is Jesus' actual dad, so yeah, I do wonder.


So:: Why would Youtube show me so much atheist material? Maybe it's because I was watching an ex-mormon atheist.

Or maybe it's because I wrote a book which turns out to be a story about me losing mormonism and going to regular christianity, only to find out that someone would say my book isn't actually Christian.

I know, weird eh? I freakin' MEET Jesus Christ in my life and put it in my book, and this Jesus Christ is a cigarette smoker so I think it's safe to say he's not Mormon Jesus, yet somehow someone who reviewed my book decided my book was too mormon to be Christian --- I mean, I could so a future-area-70 denying the holy ghost in my book and somehow my book's not Christian because it's too mormon. Wow.

Anyway, having met Jesus Christ, a non-Mormon Jesus Christ, and then being told my story isn't actually Christian, - that might be why I'm now in the atheist section.

I could be as truthful as I can be about God and religion, and though I meet Jesus Christ, a glowing man who wears white, with fire near his face, who speaks to me, though I would have that experience - someone would review the book saying it wasn't Christian. Wow.

So now Youtube puts me with the atheists now. I guess.


So, in my Youtube viewings I saw this absolutely beautiful video advertisement about Christmas and Jesus with great production values, and I was like "Who made this? It looks wonderful!" --- only to see that it was actually a MormonAd by the LDS church.


I have much personal experience with the LDS church. Though I recognize the LDS church does actually have some kind of magic power about it, I fear the LDS/Mormon church is just a big Satanic fraud or sham ---

They appear to be such a Christian Group, they appear to be so nice and wonderful, they put on such a show and such an appearance of being the best people in the world,

but in my actual experience and study of the LDS church, I started to find things like how "forgiveness" is defined differently in their religion and "grace" is also defined differently and how if you want to be a Mormon you can forget about believing in the Bible, such verses like Luke 6:26 get thrown out completely.

I mean ----- I a absolutely stunned/shocked that the Mormons would put on such a show about how Christian they are, they appear to be the nicest, the greatest, the most wonderful, and sometimes I even start to believe it myself ---- but then there are some BIG GLARING DIFFICULTIES I've seen in their church and with their people that the whole thing becomes a big unbelievable sham.

Like, before you can go to the LDS Temple for your Endowment, you have to read the whole Book of Mormon and you have to know it's true.

That sounds like it makes sense, yet if you actually did read the Book of Mormon and if you knew or believed it to be true - YOU WOULDN'T BE GETTING YOUR ENDOWMENT!!

This is my view::: The Book of Mormon, AKA "The Fulness of the Gospel", does not tell you about your need to go to the temple or do any endowments. In fact, the Book of Mormon says that Secret Combinations are works of the devil, and with how you have to promise to die if you ever reveal the temple secrets, yes to me that qualifies as a secret combination.

So, if you actually followed The Book of Mormon, you would not be going to the Mormon Temple Endowment because the temple Ceremony is in fact Forbidden in The Book of Mormon itself. As I have understood it.

Book of Mormon says "Secret Combinations are bad and therefore forbidden".
Temple Endowment Ceremony says "Kill yourself if you reveal the secret".
Temple Ceremony is Secret Combination.
Book of Mormon bans Temple Ceremony.

Anyway, i just think it's amazing that you have to read The Book of Mormon and know it's true in order to go to the Temple,

but if you actually read the Book of Mormon, understood it, and even just believed in it you should've known that going to the temple was a bad idea.

Yeah - so it amazes me how the LDS/Mormon church puts on such a beautiful "christian" display, being so freakin' nice and all, only to turn out to be so wrong in so many ways. Likely just satanic actually.


There might've been more I wanted to write about, but I can't really remember it all right now especially as my Ubuntu 15.10 has crashed on me several times while writing this post and I'm just going to finish it now so I don't have to put up with that anymore.

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